Chase Briscoe confirmed at Stewart-Haas Racing for 2020



Risky brisky is in studio. What's happening what's up chase briscoe nothing? I'm busy busy busy whole big time over here. I'll know about that has re upped with Tony Stewart at Stewart House Racing Gene Haas to compete again in the expended series. And I could be more exciting. I thought you were awesome last year in the car. You know got win in Iowa and I think you should contend for a championship. Don't you think yeah I think yeah pretty good you know. We don't have a ton of changes. I mean roles wise. It's the same. We have a new body on the Mustang. But yeah I mean there's going to be the first time in my career I've been able to go back with the same team in the same crew chief so looking forward to what do you think of the new pitstop procedures that were just announced. Yeah I just saw literally about thirty minutes ago but I think you you know at Iowa. I don't really think it's going to change anything but I do feel like at the road courses. It's GonNa Change them completely because there's no more short pitting anymore. There's no more flipping stages so so for me. I think it's a little bit worse. Because now you're going to have awesome syndrome out front in maintaining track position the hallway. So it's going to make it harder. I think to win the road course races because it's GonNa take a lot of the strategy out of it but it's hard to say right now we haven't done it yet so it's hard to say what it's going to be like but yeah I think it's going to be easier to maintain track position on a road course so fast on a road course. I think it's definitely a positive for you for sure. The move really helps money-wise for some of these smaller teams but the cup series teams were flying people into standalone races to do the crew and some of them have their own crews. I guess but a lot of the Rian flying flown end so that costed everything kind of brings that cost down but I agree with you. The road course racing is going to change that totally but as far as the racing product on track. It's not going to change that very much. Yeah I think you know it's not going to change the especially at the Iowa and the places like that Barocco where the fast guys stay up front so yeah. I think that's GonNa be the only place where you really see a difference in this new. Whatever you WANNA call? It rule changed. But I think it's going to be just normal Iowa and you can still pit when you want to pay it or whatever or you're just GONNA lose positions on pit road which like you said it's a good thing and it does definitely say the teams a lot of money if anything. It might make the racing a little bit better just because so you know if you have a guy like Ryan SEGER Jeremy Clements. That doesn't necessarily have the pick crew caliber of a pin skier Stewart. Haas if they can get up to sixth seventh or eighth or whatever or you know they can stay there now so dropping back five or six spots in a pit road so it's probably GonNa make the racing better the short tracks but you know it's hard to say I was going to do of course is this for you is. Is this the first time that you've since you've stock cars. You'll be in the same car two years in a row saint team but like same actual type of car era xfinity car in two thousand eighteen. I gotta run up not full-time. This will be the first time I've ever in two seasons full-time back. toback Gotcha so there's something to be said for that. I think a full year under your belt is going to be going to be good. Yeah I think you know last year specifically you know the first half of the year to the second half of the year was day now to be able to start the first half of the year where we ended the second half. I think

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