Overcoming the Impostor Syndrome


Everyone my name is kwami. And I used to work in Mexico in product and I recently joined Verizon media about three months ago so putting you to the bay area objects just moved Jeff So the topic that brings us here. Today is a side. Just I used to be something engineering. I moved from sucking can humans product so What brings us here? Today's topic so comments up big from engineering to product overcoming the impostor syndrome Come out generally like to be a conversation on talk so I tried to prepare a few slides as possible so that it can be more conversation. input as well so going forward. This try do that. It's It's going to be a fun all right. So the agenda sell I I. I'd like to talk about next contacts about me What is product management? My jeans product Imposter Syndrome can start Just taking game looking what it is in in some fact surrounded and then some challenges I face and then five issues. I've picked up as more by on the issues that I picked out just Regards which gusset imposter syndrome and then how. I overcame IMPOSITON. Hopefully it'll who can it. It will be useful to you and then some key takeout takeaways that out like you to Renewed Aachen in Tacoma right. So start right with some fun facts about me So I'm originally from Ghana West Africa and I I actually grew up in South Africa. Small country called Swaziland. The Kingdom of size is one of the last remaining market in the world And it has about one point. Four million people so from very small tastes in Africa so I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs by parents. Aaron started off as teachers and I had the I guess I was fortunate. Watch them set up the own businesses whilst they were teachers indeed My Mom's side of the retail business. My Dad started my dad and my mom together started a consulting business in on. I was the African parents that to gifted children involved in your businesses so I I was involved in various aspects sometimes running by MOMS retail business. When shows away in my dad's business As dry vice over as Within the office realm so give me some good experiences. I was growing up so that I started my sneak of business so my mom used to as to start her business she should bring home some goods loss us as you said. Travel there on Welsh because back in she brings him good spots in for me. It was necas most of the time and I used to go to school. So Primary School in high school in I'll be walking. People become mention my sneakers and it took me a long time. Jackie free to create. That can actually make a business again. Why I'm wearing? I can actually bring to the people make some money so I sent it to source some sneakers locally inside. I got them for about twenty dollars. I got the start up capital from my mom I got them between Dawes. in-and-out seldom for about sixty dollars. So I mean some good profits in good the public money off that business I did that for a few years. And then I ventured into music so music writing music producing music. And I'm I'm doing the Polish Abang concerts and stuff like that so Figuring out how the music business works in that giving another arm armaments to learn how to build a business to learn how to make money radium. Each I moved here to the US. When I was nineteen I move for school? ooh And I studied computer science It was very interesting because I actually. I wanted to study business but I remember one time whereas Doing my assignment a friend of mine. Who Mentions me till this day your side Vm? He he told me hey. I think you'd be really good at computer. Sciences should try it out and I tried chided up and I never looked back. Site initially went there to study business and I change into computer science I studied in the smell coach. Westminster College in Fulton Missouri every small casing but again heavy time. GimMe opportunity to focus and to build myself as an engineer Either back on payments in the payments industry so I started off my sophomore year. Interim Mastercard work through software engineering in Minnie eventually a fulltime start working for them within biometric authentication. So that's been my core experience in fulltime. So that's been fun and lastly ask you Just recently moved to the bay air so the months ago I moved here actually three days ago as exactly three months. Oh still new to the area. I'm looking forward to exploring the era meeting more people right so this is just like A visual of my journey so the first one obviously a very happy mander was a struggle. School is struggling computer science met. That's what I studied in the struggle by that was the stock to Mike On right side Suicide my former company mastercard. I was basically working with the team on pitching a new product. And then on the bottom. NAFTA's about two weeks ago at my company Verizon media where I was lunching my product media commerce across Fanti company so that was finding new and in the middle was before I left mastercard. I didn't own your career panel where talking about the importance of knowing you are in making taking that risk to do exactly what you'd like to do in which for me was moving from software engineering product which is really fun. And then on the Bottom Reich. Mike is Me and Harvard. Business School with few Khalid's their house. Basically doing some diversity recruiting which something really passionate about in I still I don You're doing that for her as needed right so started. So what is product management. And so this is the industry definition. I have watched hundreds of Product School Jones and I always see this. Come up all the time if you go if you do a quick. Google search is the same as an intersection said a defining part on the intersection of US tech and business and then in the middle of magic you there. That's what they call the product management. What I agree with this Sunday by actually like using take a few aspects is a big element that's missing so this stakeholder management basically between us experience on January and business which could be marketing in sales and so forth? But there's no immensely add tate's the product manage. I feel like being being a product manager. Also it means that you need to manage yourself so I think that's using here so my a different version. I think it's missing you as a product manager. It's a big element there and you'll see wise relates to imposter syndrome and then there's some other Aspects that could doesn't actually say what you do as a product manager doesn't indicate why you do what you do and then how you GonNa do those things knock greedy evidence within the diagram so wise park management so I think I believe park management basically communists to things. So it's the why and the watts. That's what the product manager owns to the Y.. is going to be the traffic strategy. And then what is is going to be the product roadmap that you define based product strategy And then basically across this you're GonNa define what commensal wet solvent that always problems to solve in product management by product manager. It's your job to kind of define on actually decide what's important to solve in prioritize and in all this is brought together by the product. That's the bottom so this is my definition of park measuring

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