#TSP113 - Clint Boon - burst 08


Dot pets for the record in the sand time again. Now to you know games ends at Wembley to watch some fake final with Pepsi. And Shirley I think with us. Or Daphne and Celeste some big at the time I did they they brought the already so the salt and pepper. Everyone is gonNa Sweet and nice girl we didn't we we didn't. We didn't go with any of the major vendors. Will eventually we had a friend of ours. Called Nikki policy was applause Radio Pogo and she said the boyfriend boyfriend at time. Daniel Miller owned records. Big Independent label is urged. About what you do in some advice defensively in with him so at this trip to London literally just to get an objective opinion of this little indie label. Yeah there were quite big label time to speak to Donald. Who is going to because we were friends of his girlfriend is going to give some advice? No no question in the world it might sign. That wasn't even part of it. Me Records by like the night and eight to nine was depeche mode Rasiah an abundance of you never know dame under lassen Einstein's end to know about and all the German music show in all these going on a lot. There's no way we wanted to tell me. Records went down to Daniel's office in London and he came into it. It's just so you think throwing it all away what he means. Look what you've

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