Klobuchar, rising in New Hampshire polls, hopes for surprise ending


Campaign twenty twenty the New Hampshire primary the primary results are still being tallied up up but but as as of of right right now now Bernie Bernie Sanders Sanders projected projected to to be be the the winner winner he's he's got got twenty twenty six six percent percent of of the the vote vote behind behind him him former former south south bend bend mayor mayor people people to to judge judge with with twenty twenty four four percent percent the big surprise tonight Amy Klobuchar the senator got close to twenty percent more than doubling her support verses Elizabeth Warren to more than double the votes when Joe Biden the former vice president left early for South Carolina he held the campaign event there tonight he says he's not going anywhere together we will insure in our time that we deliver the day when your race has no bearing on your health or your well your access to education we deliver that it's Pete booted judge talking about unity here's Joe Biden talking about staying in the race inane over man we're just who has for Elizabeth Warren as mentioned not a strong night for her but she is still trying to stay optimistic if we have the courage to fight hard we are going to win coming up next we have two nominating contest we have no data and South Carolina two debates to one before each one of those events so again Bernie Sanders the winner tonight in New Hampshire with twenty six percent followed by people to judge with twenty four out almost twenty four and a half and then Amy clover chart in that third spot we had two candidates drop out tonight Andrew gang and Michael Bennett Tulsi Gabbard addressed her supporters say she's not dropping out and devol Patrick according to CBS news expected to suspend his campaign tomorrow lot of moving parts will keep you updated throughout the night it's eleven forty eight A. W.

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