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Why Pamela Anderson's 'marriage' only lasted 12 days



He's seventy four and he and cheese fifty two but John. Peters there's a dispute between these two mover who broke up with whom at the battle lines are being drawn Maggie. They're not only arguing about who broke up. With whom but who proposed a whom each one is saying that it was the other person's idea get married after this less than two week debacle and now John Peters is exclusively told page sixes Mara Mara. Siegler that that while they were married for twelve days he paid all of Pam Anderson debts to the tune of two hundred thousand dollars he said in an email to Mara. I didn't say anything I just wanted to be that we were going our own separate ways but when I read your article I felt the need to tell the true the story. He also said if she men controlling. I've paid her bills since she was broke. I bought her a completely new wardrobe. Ouch ooh Pamela. Anderson's team by the way said. Despite Mr Peters efforts to elicit a response from his anderson she had has no comment to provide and wishes him. Well she also the Harrap said these claims are not only entirely fabricated. They are

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