You Are Doing Everything Wrong with Chuck Bamford


First of all let me say thank you for taking the time out to talk with us. I know before we hit record. You have a ton of things to do today. So thank you for taking some time out to share with US more than glad to do so. Glad to have the opportunity. Second thing I'd like to do is to ask you to tell us about yourself. Now when I say fill free to go all the way back to where it all started or you just start more. Current Day tells about yourself. Yeah well I'll skip all the parts. That are are too impressive or embarrassed me along the way I worked in industry for about twelve years after graduation from my Undergrad most of that emerging acquisition work decided to go back and get a PhD and then for the next sixteen years. I was a classic professor of the I was exactly what you think of. In terms of academic I held an endowed share. I was tenured full professor and then I decided that I really wanted to have more of an impact on business to be honest. I felt like I really enjoyed the teaching aspect of academia. But it wasn't didn't feel like I was making as much of an impact on business practices. I could so I left. Full-time academia gave up tenure. Much Chagrin of my friends and started a consulting company which that's been going on for just over seven years now doing strategy designed Strategy Implementation Consulting and then I still teach so. I do adjunct teaching at Duke University at the Fuego School Business and at the University of Notre Dame at Mendoza. When we fly up there was only fifteen minutes down the road from where I live. So I still teach in the executive MBA an MBA programs. A bit probably do. The rest of my time is spent Writing 'cause I've got As you mentioned several I've got seven books out. So that's sort of my quick history. Nice so you mentioned you wanted to make a bigger impact and I want to dive into a little bit more later but for now. I want to backtrack a little bit and learn a little bit more about you. What's your favorite thing to do? You're going to take a nerd but I think my favorite thing to do is sit quietly and write. I think a lot of people don't enjoy it. I just really do data so sitting quietly in writing. Is that hard for you to do? I know myself with the family and the kids. Sometimes that's a little difficult to do. How do you find the time in the space to do that? Well I'm very fortunate situation or time in my life an empty nester and so the only disruptions really occur if the grand kids come over. We've got lots of rooms. My wife works at home a lot of times as well. We just kind of quietly work during the day and then I don't really find it a problem at all but now I do two to three cups of coffee in the morning and get to that point but usually it gets going. Get it now. This question is sometimes throws people off but I love to ask it because of the variety of answers that I get you can meet anyone in the world. Who WOULD IT BE? And what would you say to them? So I actually have this response to several folks who have something similar not exactly what you put it but it would probably be honestly the Dalai Lama and I really liked to understand how you attain inner apiece. Because seems like things my brain's always going things are always happening inside so I probably would. I would probably do that and I would consider that to be a one of those life. Check marks if I could do it. So what would enter peace? Get you why interface. Yeah I think it would just quiet every if I could quiet everything down. Not only could I do a whole lot more but I think I would do better with my kids. My grandkids to students. I teach back in the day. I'll do a quick for you back in the day. I was labeled hyperactive. Nowadays they probably would have called it. Adhd and so. It's the sort of constant stuff going on. Keeps me constantly going kidding? It has a pro and con and one of those sort of constant inside stuff happening. Which would be fine not Not to always have to deal with now. If you had to give one thing you do to overcome challenges. What would that be yeah? It's writing it all down so I run into for me again. Not Everybody does I like paper and a pen but if I can get it all written down what the issue is and that gives me a chance to sort of map out how all solve it and I'm sort of a picture guy. I have no artistic talent whatsoever but I draw pictures all the time about how I'm going to accomplish something and it usually helps me get around problems that I had struggle figuring out in my head top two keys to success. There's a tough one. I guess I'm only going to have to say it for me. Number one is to never stop believing that you can accomplish. Whatever it is you want to accomplish. Just my take a whole lot longer than you think it's going to take and I think the second one is one. I've gone back to even back into my high school. Days is always felt like I was not the smartest guy in the class. More of the smartest person in the room. But I'M GONNA I'll persevere just about every buddy so I think it's Focused down work hard kind of approach to accomplishing some really good point. I think that's a great life lesson as well. Perseverance is key it really is you make it. It's amazing what can be done by the willing to just keep pushing at it so we've learned a little bit about you. What makes you take? And I'd like to revisit the impact statement that you made before wanting to have a greater impact. I'm assuming and that's a really dangerous thing that you started your company because he wanted to make a greater impact so talk a little bit about that and what your company does indeed so colonel hearkens back just a little bit. When I was in I was constantly surprised to find out that research had already debunked a lot of the stuff that we were doing and business or had come up with better techniques. I was always like. Why don't we know about this stuff? So when I got into academia I realized this is it's so much of this is known. There's so many things that we already know how to how to do. Why isn't this getting out unless I was teaching? My classes. Undergrads are great but unfortunately it's going to be twenty years before they can put into practice the strategy stuff that I'm trying to teach him in quincy unfortunately by then it's somewhat changed. I mean changes fairly regularly so really wanted to be able to get more direct impact a love Executive Mba. 'cause they're normally all out there in business they're fairly experienced. They need to use the stuff right away and MBA's who can get into this quickly can do the exact same thing but my business is really focused about doing it directly for companies. So I like to get into these companies. Get into opposition. We worked with over one hundred twenty in the last seven years. Get into these organizations and really help them figure out what separates them the minds of customers such that customers will go pass their competitors and come to them and get past these face validity kind of things as I mentioned. Sorry in my inappropriate. Oh yeah that employees are not our competitive advantage but how we deliver on them but to get to elements that really make a difference really implement strategy and quantum just changed the game for these companies. The sales soared the EBA sores. I mean it's just it's been a remarkable run. That's been a lot of fun.

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