How to tell 2nd Gen from 3rd Gen Echo Dot

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Question is does anyone know how to tell an echo dots second-generation from an echo dot third-generation? I'm hoping there's something tactile well. We had a couple of people chiming in there and fantastic. Thank you for doing that. Christine Duprey haller and says the dot three is covered by a fabric and the dot to would feel plastic and that is absolutely true so the the second generation dot has a plastic side where the third generation dot is covered by a fabric type and then James Jury said the second generation is smaller shaped like a hockey puck and the third generation is sort of swollen around the jets putting it and would feel more like a plastic donut. And that's exactly right as well so bottom line. The big differences are the second generation. Has Plastic feel around the side it really is essentially shaped exactly like a hockey puck whereas the third generation has a fabric coating and it is more rounded on the edges. That's the difference between the second and the third generation. Thank you for your comments Christine and James and thank you for the question.

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