Lisa Vanderpump is here obvious what rules the big debut and big premier assist me I have to say is not a


Judy Gomez all right Lisa Vanderpump is here obvious what rules the big debut and big premier assist me I have to say is not a fan she's obsessed I'm so if we are upset now that like the half of them have moved to the valley because I live in studio city some just like where did they let you open a store them I'll give you that address you can go around so that whole mess out take the pressure off me so my day some new faces this time S. of fresh meat what I need to know about them well you know what they can to gray to themselves very well into the new calls an integration they take very seriously the bench stretched on many levels and you know I think the thing that was about the show so well what people so obsessed with it is because if the authenticity of the friendships and you know I have three hundred and something people work for me but it's not everybody's going to be on this reality shows people that genuinely friends with the cost so it's a great season and it's definitely kind of change the dynamics and as some fresh blood there and and it's exciting and it's you know we're on that roller coaster we were sentenced part of the appeal is the unvarnished nous of what's captured in the scenes on that show from people yes things are not change to be TV pretty sometimes well I remember you know being in a P. on that show and being the creator of the show with Alex Baskin and working very close to bill from a long way from evolution and they do such a good job but you know we really talked about that because sometimes they would talk about things that's the only call unit become put that in there were like Lisa this is what I said we make a show about what we want them to say or what they're actually saying and I think this culture you know everything's kind of there are no exactly so I think that's what that show is it really is kind of fly on the wall about an authentic group of friends I remember the first episode of the Kardashians that we shot and I was looking with the producers as well at the first cut of the show and we don't know what the tone of the voice of the show is gonna be just yet and there are things in it I thought of caught I don't think we could put that on the air clean and they said no we have to put that on the air of course they were right and that authenticity is it really is the best up now who's having more fun than you you are the boss well you are helping that was that it was a phase but but this is really cool that all of this is come together for you and for can as well what's the downside well I think you know I am very reticent to ever you know complain about living that public life there is I think was so pleasant I think people like Simon cal you know the White Sea get up out of his chair and take that picture for the fiftieth time even if he's having dinner no really taught me the lesson of no you know you you be nice to every single person I really try and kind of follow that through because you know even though sometimes it is difficult because I don't live I live a very public life with the restaurants and I'm very approachable so sometimes it can be tricky when you spend spend your business is supposed to be working I think and also you get all this crap written about you a lot of the time this is not true at all but I think the up sites in the opportunities and some of the wonderful things have been afforded to me and also you're drawing attention to our foundation has been huge using brothers vehicle to fight against you know do you like dog meat trade foot to fight pro should be two Q. rights I mean I would never ever find a vehicle or platform like that that reality television has given me and I'm so thankful for that because it's taken then pump dog foundation to Congress slick tree because but Congress watching housewives and then you know they average we assume they were all that's what we assumed

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