Upgrade 278: The 2019 Upgradies - burst 08



I'm still going through the morning show and it's good but For mankind is the one that that I think. They did a really great job in their first season. I would say whatever they do next both shows. And there's no there are no spoilers take both shows before mankind and the morning show very good in both get rockets strapped to them metaphorical ones of the end and of the shows. Yeah literally early in the case of for all mankind but yeah and so I really really loved the end of. I loved the way that the morning show ended And I also it's it can be difficult and places this is before all mankind has a pretty fascinating and fantastic ending. It's very dramatic Yoshio dramatic in ways. I wasn't expecting I was expecting the morning. Show to high-drama one but I think for a mankind succeeds in that as really really well done. Eighty is definitely apples crown jewel And I'm surprised isn't the show that was getting nominations Golden Globes. Nominations seemed to be all in the pocket of Of the morning show but not from kind The BON APETIT YouTube channel. Just amazing It is the the food magazine APETITE. They have a wonderful youtube channel with two crowning achievement. Shows to me A show called it's alive and show cocoa makes it's alive of Bradley

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