Former Titan, current New England fire chief backs team against Patriots


Well here it is it's losers go home bottom line for tonight's playoff game pads and tightens about the story of the man who changed his helmet and his location one civil servant refuses to change his allegiance at least for now WBZ's Chris fama tells as it relates to one team if the patriots advance past Tennessee this wild card weekend their next opponent will be the jeeps but one chief doesn't think that's going to happen given the title to the edge I think it's going to be twenty three twenty one see that chief Norfork fire chief Erin Kenny is biased he used to be a Titan pick it up what I'm putting down he played in the NFL he was in my draft class thank you the last one hold on so I'll pull for him that now while he's playing hi I'm I I guess guess guess he he he wasn't wasn't wasn't pulling pulling pulling for for for Tom Tom Tom terrific terrific terrific in in in two two two thousand thousand thousand and and and three three three when when when Kenny Kenny Kenny watched watched watched from from from the the the sideline sideline sideline in in in uniform uniform uniform as as as the the the patriots patriots patriots outlasted outlasted outlasted the the the Titans Titans Titans in in in the the the division division division round round round and and and route route route to the second of new England's record six NFL titles we now being here be able to watch that level of competition and that consistency is something that's very difficult to

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