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Of all time prince released in October nineteen eighty dirty mind is princes third studio album the album was produced arranged and composed almost entirely by prince from his home studio in Minneapolis critics said that his first two albums established him as a romantic but this album was much more sexy even feel free nonetheless the album was listed as not only one of the best albums of the eighties by various publications but many also listed as one of the greatest albums of all time Hey you should listen to Kevin mean in the mornings remember that one time Kevin got of a sector me check this out so I go in and they make me put on a little road and he has an assistant and and and they you know get ready what a guy or girl what's your all yeah this suite ninety one are you well yeah wasn't that part of your fears that's why one of the reasons he would do a show with the second issue were worried about you know we set out hot chicks and here you are trying to stay calm I can honestly say that this is the first time in my life there is a high tech around and I was too scared to even think about that is serious I really was petrified I was just sitting there was like starting to sweat like you were trying to talk it down no no please I now please I was too scared I was too afraid of what was just about to happen and then they pull up the little table and they started covering all of the tools and the guy says this is going to be the worst part of it and I'm land back so he said fine he pulls out a needle that was probably seventy five.

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