U.S. to evacuate Americans from cruise ship quarantined at Japan port


Charter flights could ferry some four hundred Americans to the U. S. from Japan they're stranded on a cruise ship where more than two hundred people have tested positive for the corona virus a team from the CDC will screen passengers before they are allowed to board and anyone with symptoms will stay in Japan to receive treatment those who do come home will reportedly be quarantine for two weeks at either Travis Air Force base near Sacramento or Lackland Air Force base in San Antonio boxes Garrett Tenney passenger Stephen Smith isn't leaving he feel safer on the ship we're going to put you on buses with other people who have been creek completed their quarantine and have not been tested for the virus we're gonna end gonna put you on a plane with all these people the Americans who do leave will be quarantined in the US for two weeks more than fifteen hundred people have died from the virus all of them except one in Asia yesterday a Chinese tourist died in

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