Six Nations: Andy Farrell 'happy' after Ireland win over Scotland


The US secretary of state Mike Pompeii and has had bike strongly at accusations of the United States no longer believes in the international community addressing the international security conference in Munich he took issue with the German president Frank voter Steinmeier's opening remarks about an American retreat from global cooperation Mister Pompey essay did nothing could be further from the truth paraphrasing Mark Twain he said the death of the trans Atlantic alliance have been grossly exaggerated the foreign ministers of China and the Vatican have met in Germany and was believed to have been the highest level talks between the two sides since the establishment of the people's Republic of China seven decades ago is Roger Wilco when he and arch bishop pull gonna comment on Friday on the sidelines of the security conference in Munich both are said to have expressed a desire to build on the recent agreement it said the Vatican should have the final say on the appointment of Roman Catholic bishops Beijing also now recognizes the pope as the supreme leader of the Roman Catholic Church until twenty eighteen Chinese Catholics was split between a state run church and underground institution there is still no diplomatic relations between room in Beijing the pope Francis is said that he'd like to visit China Australian major report same members of the parliamentary committee have scrapped a planned trip to Britain as part of a worsening diplomatic row between the two countries China wholesale is in Sydney in a rare show of disapproval the UK's High Commissioner has reportedly written to the heads of two Australian parliamentary committees to formally protest the leaked details of sensitive talks with Britain's Foreign Secretary Dominique rob during his visit to camber last week according to local media reports the deputy chair of the intelligence and security committee Anthony burn strongly criticized Mister rob he reportedly said to the to allowing China to build bridges five G. telecoms infrastructure was equivalent to letting Russia constructed the parliamentary committee and the high commission of both declined to confirm the reports you're listening to world news from the BBC who the rebels in Yemen say they've shut down a tornado will play belonging to the Saudi led coalition that intervenes in the country's conflict five years ago a rebel spokesman told a Hootie run television station that ground to air missiles down the aircraft in the northern province of Joel the security forces in Mali say eight to the soldiers have been killed and four others injured in an ambush in the central region of cow early at least twenty people were killed in the multi region imbalance between two ethnic groups Molly has been blighted by instability since an Islamist rebellion began in the north in twenty twelve public press sermones involving thousands of monks have been held in Thailand a week after a soldier show dated twenty nine people the killings began when the soldier killed his commanding officer and stole weapons from a military base he was shot dead by the security forces inside the shopping mail researchers in the United States have warned of the psychological and moral dangers posed by the growing availability of sex robots with artificial intelligence the annual meeting of the American Association for the advancement of science was told that agencies were too embarrassed to investigate and regulates the use of the robots hello good reports the number six robots are advertised online including one large sized mannequin that links and sinks it slips as it talks researchers say that they're concerned that such sex robots pose a psychological risky uses Machon real relationships and they also worry that there's a more risk to society by normalizing operant behavior towards the machine for example some robots can be programmed to protest to create a rape scenario the scientists have verged regulators to investigate the risks of A. I. six robots before they use becomes more widespread and that's the baby see news hello this is Max basin and welcome back to the world this week this week has seen a dramatic shift in the political landscape of the Irish Republic general election produce results which few soul coming including apparently the party which came talk in the poll shin Fane I said that because if shin Fane had fielded more candidates they might have found their way to forming a government a little easier as it is shin Fane widely referred to over the last forty years as the political wing of the IRA secured roughly the same number of seats in the Dublin parliament as the two major parties fina Foyle and fina gale Chris page is our island correspondent it was a huge leap significant results really breaking the mold of Irish politics which is held for several generations shin Fiennes surge in the general election means that it's not up there with the two parties that have really dominated government in the country for decades FIFA fourteen FIFA Gail both centrist parties challenged by should fit in which is very much on the left and shin Fane and its leader Marilyn McDonald ready very successfully positioned itself as an alternative to the tea party some she termed as the establishment art fits of Irish politics focusing relentlessly in issues of housing and health but resonated very strongly with the are selected and Sinn fin really remembers a unique political organization certainly close to unique and that it operates in two different countries as well as not being the second largest party in the Irish parliament in Dublin it's also the second largest party in the regional parliament in Northern Ireland towards parts of the devolved government so in terms of its old Ireland's positioning in politics well it's not an extremely significant position and don't very much mainstream certainly in the in the Irish Republic which is an extraordinary transformation fission fame because this was remember interviewing Gerry Adams for example the formation vainly to in Northern Ireland during the nineteen eighties found that sometimes an intimidating affair with his body guards around him and the association with the IRA and now it's about small country the image yes should finish ready in thirty years gone from being a political pariah to a party of governments in Northern Ireland in the party that's challenging for government in the Irish Republican in many ways stop reflects the journey of the Irish Republican movement from guns to government does he say throughout the course of the conflict in Northern Ireland should fit in links to the Irish Republican Army the main part of the trip fighting for Northern Ireland to leave the you can be absorbed into you the Irish Republican took more life than the other group and not very lengthy conflict since the IRA cold cease fire in nineteen ninety four but shouldn't be in Studley increasing its growth in the power sharing government in Belfast in Northern Ireland and noisy positioning itself is the second biggest party in Dublin and very much in the running to be part of the government there should be taken the chin vent itself is been surprised by its own success given that they they could have run more candidates in in Ireland's proportional representation system possibly could have formed a government yes I think that's certainly true shin Fane Philip forty two candidates that's for a hundred and sixty six in total of thirty seven of them were elected night one of the other parties to be during the course of the election **** a few days ago that if Sinn fin had run say twenty more candidates will that of one probably ten more seats so that's a sign shin Fane strategists themselves didn't quite see a surge on this scale coming so not some really old on to the a parliamentary arithmetic if we got a bit of a three way standoff three to four nine for the gill say they're not going to go into a coalition government with should fan because of policy differences on because of the party's pasta associations with the IRA so you have should fade trying to put together a coalition with other smaller left wing parties but even if all of them came on board we still find that particular coalition coming short of the eighty seats they needs to form a stable administration I think we're going to find this whole process taking certainly weeks if not months and it's also very possible but it will be resolved the toll on will be heading back to the polls for another general election and how much of a problem is that for an island to be in the midst of such uncertainty when you know major things are happening around it well certainly the major international challenge Ireland will have over the coming months is the trade talks between the UK and the European Union since what with which our shuttle trip starts in in the aftermath of the U. K. exiting the E. U. so certainly I think everybody in this whole negotiation process in Dublin would agree it's better for Ireland to have a stable governments to lead the country three about process not the last politics is politics the voters are given their verdict not spend we have this very complicated picture on resolving about is certainly not going to be easy Chris page it's not just an island that old certainties are coming under scrutiny this week saw an unusual cloud of uncertainty descend over German politics the woman angler medical had hand picked as her successor and a great crime Kambala or a K. K. resigned as leader of the governing CDU the Christian Democrats the move was raised all sorts of questions about the future direction of German politics as I've been hearing from Damien McGinnis in Berlin this latest crisis was ready Spock's by a local florist see she shows after votes in the eastern German state of Thuringia in which I'm peas in her policy I voted for candidates as premier of that state's also supported by the far right AFP this display needs that she lost control of her policy because one of the big round was going on within the center right CD you is whether to work with the following safety particularly in eastern German states like syringes or whether to keep this firewall gave the far right that we have right now so I KK stepping down as clearly as you say a very poor reflection on the leadership of the CD you but how much of a blow to the party and indeed to angler miracles supposed plans for a succession if anything the struggles of any potential successors show how indispensable under the necklace so personally speaking it hasn't really hits her very hard but what it does to damages under Michael's vision for her policy and for Germany because what time the mac was done what I leading Germany is ready for a policy to the sensor grounds and what's cook conservative critics want to do is really make a center right possible Conservative Party again on this is a big impacts on the country as a whole because this part is the biggest party in Germany it could well be in government next time and the question is is Germany's biggest policy does journeys next government become more conservative I'm potentially one day even work with the far right safety or does it potentially stay in the US and around the maybe even one day from

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