Latina stars JLo and Shakira say Super Bowl halftime performance will be 'message of unity'


Let's talk half time because that's what a lot of folks watch right so your Jennifer Lopez and Shakira you know how long they're going to perform I don't twelve minutes that's what they say our halftime extravaganza the first time two Latino stars are on stage together to global superstars performing together right and they want this to make they wanted to be an announcement on just about their culture but for women as well well and I'll tell you this Shakira is forty two years old Jennifer Lopez is fifty so I mean you have you know two women right now which is middle age that are performing at the Superbowl so it's not this you know like culture of just youth musicians and you have to establish older women performing is gonna be fantastic because both of them are amazing so Zack you you've pulled us some secure secura is that right I did okay so

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