Who Else Influences Your Customer?


Comes from a Nikkei in the Netherlands. Any the Nikkei writes. Hi Marie my customers or people working in social enterprises who assists people on welfare before my customers can sign up from one of our trainings. They always have to convince their manager. How can I help my customers to make this easy for them? You know. This is a fantastic last question. I will tell you why because we're going to talk about Advanced Ninja Marketing. The the reason this question so awesome is because it's highlighting an issue that most business owners and marketers never consider and that is uh who is the key influence of your customer. Your customer has many people around them who are influencing their decision and so in this case the key influencers is your customers manager. It's not enough to just address. Your customers concerns. You need to go even further and you need to walk in the shoes of your key influencers your advanced marketing mission. Should you choose to accept it. Get inside the mind of the key influencers and uncover cover all of the hidden objections. The concerns everything that could be holding the influence or back from helping your customer make decision. I know this might be a little convoluted and hard to understand understand. So let's look at an example for my business so right now. We're promoting my annual conference rich happy and hot live in New York City October. Twenty first the twenty third now. Our target market is women entrepreneurs women entrepreneurs who run online businesses. Now these women typically have significant others. Maybe they've got the husband. Maybe they've got a girlfriend or a boyfriend or some person in their life who helps them make decisions whenever they're spending time or money. What what we did was? We thought well if somebody's husband or the boyfriend girlfriend is concerned about them. Coming all the way to New York City spending fifteen hundred dollars on a ticket spending a few. Today's away from home. We know they might have some concerns that may be the girl needs to handle so we created this awesome little. PDF guide called the convince your partner guide. In fact we'll give you a link to it right below this video. Essentially what I did was I sat down. I asked myself when I go to a conference. I talked to Josh about it. If I'M GONNA drop a couple thous dollars or I'm going to go anywhere for a few days. I talked to. Josh usually has some concerns so we sat down and drummed up all the concerns. That Josh usually has and we thought about our key. influencers for our target target market are ladies and we said what are the concerns that any significant other has made a whole list and we addressed every single one of them. Like I said you can check out an example in link below this video okay. It is action Jackson time. Baby step number one. Identify all of the key influencers around your your customer so drum up as many people as you can. And then we're going to drill it down to the one key influencers who's really helping your customer. Make the decision step number to just make a list of all the objections and concerns that that key influencers could have about your customer buying your product or service. List everything you can think of and step number three. You need to tackle those objections head on never back away from any concern or any objection to really address. It as best as you can't bonus points if you can also communicate how the key influencers is going to benefit from the customer buying your product or service. So here's what I mean with rich happy and hot live. I I send my ladies home in great shape so not only. Are they making more money in their business. There are a lot happier but oftentimes. They're having a lot more sex with their key. influencers I personally guarantee not it is not actually guaranteed gay. That was a two year. Q hope you enjoyed it and

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