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Big big news from the Sussex is who announced on January the eighth that they would like to step back from their roles of senior members of the Royal Family and and that will be what we'll be talking about this entire episode. We're GONNA be diving into everything you wanted to know about the situation what it is a couple want how we got to this point. The future looks like a much much more before. I'm joined by my guest this week. Cruise ship the editor. ICT News here in the u the UK. I just want to look at what sort of started this on January the eighth Wednesday. I remember it well because my phone went absolutely ballistic Harry and Meghan released the following statement. They said after many months of reflection and internal discussions have chosen to make the transition this year and starting to carve out a progressive new role within the institution. We intend to step back senior members of the Royal Family and work to become financially independent while continuing to support Her Majesty the Queen the statement goes on to say the couple wants to continue the honor of their duty to the Queen to Commonwealth and their patronage is but they would also like to embrace the geographic balance in their life to raise archie with an appreciation for the royal tradition into which he was born and also provide their family with the space to focus on the next exch- chapter and that next chapter of course is the Sussex Royal charity that will be launching. Well listen the data change at this point but it was it supposed to be launching towards the beginning of the second quarter of this year. And that's really going to be. I guess where Harry and make more anchor. A lot of their work A lot of details still needs to be hashed out of course at is the clamper Sive effort with the Queen Prince of Wales the Cambridge. We don't quite know where this is going to happen but to talk us through all of this. I won't be alone this week. I'm joined by V news role at its. I would say my friend and Chris ship so I high joining me on here. Thank you very much. You've done me the honor of being on One of my digital shows so I thought I would at least return attend. The favorite is a pleasure to be talking to you. What we've had your colleague? You're very popular colleague with our listeners. lizzy on the show before so some would say the the hardworking calling. I think everyone is very much hard-working this week. It has blinded. How do you feel right now? I feel like I've been hit in the face by a by double decker bus I'm a little frazzled. A little tired. There's a lot to unpack and that's kind of what I wanted to switch great to be just really take a look at everything. I have had so many questions on social media. I'm sure you have as well. There's a lot of people. Don't quite understand obviously see that goes right to the top because I think there's a lot the senior aides working in Palestine quite understand at the moment. You're you're right and I think actually you know we're we're talking about the blindsided saying Ah to do this story. I mean it's clear as they didn't know that the statement was coming or at least they got a couple of minutes notice before people like you and me found out But I think they they they knew something was on the way I mean. Discussions in a very similar new sentence have been happening for at least a week or site beforehand but no one expected Harry and Meghan Zico House. We put this to go nuclear press that button and the way they did on on Wednesday night. Yeah I think that they had been a build up you know. Look if we want to. We can go back as far as beginning. If Autumn last year I think that being a lot of conversations within team mm Sussex and amongst the couple and their friends for quite some time about wanting to bring in some change. I think they felt quite frustrated about things and obviously there some things that happened in the past at. They're still haven't quite gotten over yet. Yeah I'd agree with you and I I think because I was involved with the big documentary entry that we made on my TV last year when they spoke to Tom Brady about all their difficulties in trouble. The rest of it. I mean I was with him for a lot of that now. I was watching it. Unfold phoned in front of me and I kinda get the sense that they were they wanted that to not any sort of reliefs vowels if you like but also just to set the ground around two so almost a warning shot to the rest of the family. That sings really aren't going very well. It's not just a niggle hair on there. Will there and you you know if you look back now. You can see that something monumental as we've had this week was on. Its Way and that was their way of a signalling handling to the rest of the world and the rest of the family that that something had to change. Yeah a potentially the you can only say that they have sort of I guess. Plan this stay. Stay step by step. I think the public being quite confused with this news had they've not had insight into their sort of state of mental wellbeing. Yeah they they could. They couldn't have planned you know as accurately as perhaps they wanted to but I think the thing they did have a long term plan to say if we do this and if we do talk to Tom Tom on the documentary and if we do hint a little about some of the big problems that we're having then that will pave the way make it a little easier for when we're in the new year we we we We we tell them that we want to do things differently. And obviously the six weeks in Canada was where they crystallized all that thinking all that fresh air all those mountains NHS and all that Sierra on the west coast of Canada was clearly the reason for gave him the opportunity. I think just to to sit down and go. What are we going to do? Are we really really gonNA stick with this for the next thirty years and they decided no. We won't see yeah. You have to wonder whether at the start of the week of severe at Canada House House for the reception that they attended. They wanted to give their thanks to the High Commissioner F older hospitality. They received in Canada and the support. They've received from the country tree itself. You have to wonder if they knew in the back of their minds that this was about to happen and at that point because they seem rejuvinated they seemed in great spirits. We were joking about a nine Mo- bars that was vie for the start of the week story. The big story was the no nine which I will now eat again. When I go to Canada the it took custody biscuit and And actually I saw because I was the the the the rotor correspondent on the visit. I saw that Some of Harry Meghan. I can stop left with some of these denominations wrapped up in plastic film and they took them home with them. So I don't know how many Harry had over the last I have After his history of that night there was a sugar hit. I think I would describe it as sustenance for heavy week ahead. Yeah I could do with one right now to be fair uh-huh but of course you know thinks quickly change and you know we had the announcement not then very quickly followed with the reaction from the palace which seemed weekly sleep together. I think there was a period between Harry and Meghan statement coming out and now saying from the palace. Every single phone across the households Holtz was engaged off unavailable one hundred percent. Yeah I couldn't agree with you more. And those ninety minutes I think between Harry Megan statement and the one from the palace that was let what two sentences long with very terse and short and abrupt insides we. Hey what they say. But we haven't got the first clue what to do about any any of it I think that reflected the I think we can call it anger anger frustration disappointment of on day. One if you like the day that Harry and make like an issue that statement and very quickly. It's almost perhaps they. They decided that this was the distracted. You take very quickly on day two. Was this Thursday I Then it was like okay. This isn't it was it was put to me. This isn't the pitch that we want to be playing but now we're on it's we're going to get on it own with it and decide what what on earth to do and and how to engage with them so that they're not they don't WanNa be on this pitch but they basically being forced to play on it. Exactly actually a friend of mine called that statements Simeon Texans at stiff upper lip rage. Yes yes absolutely dissipated overnight or maybe it's just a realization that you know we simply haven't gotten a choice is people that we've put a crack home exactly in and and you know almost twenty twenty four hours. Later we received guidance from Buckingham Palace confirming that the Queen and Prince of Wales Chief Cambridge of old directed teams to one's together at say at pace ace with the governments in the Sussex household to find workable solutions. So it's really went in the direction Harry and Meghan wanted and stop awesome. It started to make sense why it perhaps happened in this way. I think I agree with you. An Uber I was surprised by the. We're going to do this in days as no we. It's given how many sort of constitutional and financial decisions there ought to make military ones as well you get. Harry is the Captain General of the British. Royal Marines Leans which was a position that he took from the Edinburgh and the He retired he even Christmas type. Just I just think there were so many things to decide on here. Can they really by what Tuesday Wednesday of next week. All this sorted out. I mean I. I think that's a really tool that determined to do it. I think yeah and I think almost almost dare whether they do actually source all of this and that time they're under pressure to show that they have control of the situation because for you know three reese senior oils the current reigning monarch in the next two in line for them to look like this is out of control is just not an option. Yeah I agree with you and also to get. Yeah next week. The there's a particularly big visit for William and Kate in Bradford City in the northern England. If anyone listening to this outside the UK in Yorkshire and they want to focus on their some of their priorities like social cohesion. Brentford is a very multicultural city. an and unless there's some I'm sort of holding statement or some kind of you know initial planning your decision announced to the press full this visits will most. There's going to be about it's going to be you know it's going to be all about Harry and Meghan and and how these negotiations is still going on. Which is why I think we will get something however limited that might be By by Tuesday or Wednesday of next

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