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Could Trees Be the New Gravestones?


A California company is offering a unique alternative for people who don't want to be buried in a cemetery instead they can choose a trainee as their final resting place Chris Martinez explains Bambi league Nell feels at peace knowing she carried out her mother's final wish she wanted to be in in the redwoods Bambi's mother passed away after a fight with cancer her rashes are now spread around this tree deep in a California forest where a marker bears her name my brothers and I can come tell stories and you know I'd much rather do that here then in a cemetery that's the intention behind better please forest and its co founder sandy Gibson his idea of replacing gravestones within nature born from the unpleasant memories of his own mother's burial this big black to sound right by a busy street at the cemetery and it was just never kind of the vision of what I when I think of when I think of her he instead once families to think of settings like this a twenty acre plot of redwood forest near the northern California coast here families can purchased the rights to one of thousands of trees and spread a loved one's ashes around its banks the trees range from about three to thirty two thousand dollars depending on size and location that money helps purchased the land we then partner with man trusting conservation groups to create conservation easements that we protect the forest from development like that a lot for her mom's final resting place Bambi chose this young tan oak which still has a long life ahead all I should love it when this thing gets in all forty foot wide that's mom's smiling she plans to be with her again one day in this forest with the tree of her own Chris Martinez CBS news point arena

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