9/11 Families Continue To Press Lawsuit Against Saudi Government


Nineteen nine eleven hijackers were Saudi nationals the W. CBS's rich while I'm attended a hearing on the lawsuit filed by victims' families seeking billion from the oil rich kingdom at issue today the list of names of those lawyers for the families want to interview to bolster their case that Saudi Arabia was behind the attacks federal magistrate Serra net burn gave the kingdom's attorneys a deadline to respond Brian Grogan of supervising FDNY fire marshal on nine eleven came out of the courtroom wondering whether the lawsuit as he put it is going to go anywhere I think to have an up hill battle away with this try to get the witnesses I I don't know if it's going to you know go that far but I I mean I was part of this thing in nine eleven and I'm just gonna stick with it as well as a can the nine eleven legal action against Saudi Arabia has been under way for thirteen

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