Is It Alt Season?


Course when we say Bitcoin TYCO fleet. We often say the also go lower BITCOIN does demand Will often command to begin or fast. Move it just sucks up a lot of that money. That's coming in now of course when big twenty's going song and slowly pulling back like it has forbid Waco sign now we do see the have have the opportunity to run and of course this has been cooled all season For Years Gone Bar you. He didn't get one in two thousand and nine two dozen nights and got a couple of bits and pieces two thousand seventeen. It went absolutely jazz crackers. But yeah it's It's really been interesting watching. This occurred because what what we used to say. We built the theory. I should say would be the bitcoin would take off and then people would than bitcoin into the ultimate ultimate tyke often we'd have this sort of swinging pendulum taught of effect back and forth back and forth now suggesting that's going to maintain its consistency going into L.. Through two thousand twenty at all. That's not my appoint not trying to make boy. Lam Sing is that this certainly is This certainly is I suppose. Some soclean the When bitcoins going as I've said for many many times in the past when Bitcoin guys saw tried the else will we saying that right now and I'm just GonNa have a quick look at the right now Against Bitcoin on the bond. Let's listen I mean there is a lot. That's over ten percent. You know he got I. On fourteen percent I end and ten would much bigger moves in that as well by the white F. Some raising trading shots being playing a little bit funny and not giving me everything. Elf Elf is up thirty percent. You know we've we've got. I think it was ice. Is that it was up. You know. Full episodes as the two hundred percent sent last couple of weeks. So there's certainly have been some very very big moves at in the markets now on not letting that affect the way that Ray democracy or the way that our tried tried on focusing on whiting good opportunities in the try those opportunities as a matter of fact on our sheets are the video yesterday at two members because you know there there was a cry a lot in the four out that that I did a video on it and I said I'm I'm not taking it. I decided at the time given the what was was in front of me that I was happy to leave. It of course took off the videos. Read your message around. Don't let those things affect your next decision. It's like Kinda have strides takeoff without you. It's carefully markets and they run without you being it's it's part of life so anyway A little bit going on out there mostly in the also bitcoin currently at nine thousand one hundred eighty. One it's in that daily cradles rotten. I'd love to say have a little bullish candle office. I nine thousand. That would be unreal on probably would look to well. Depends if I got convergence there on the daily or not but I would be very interested to see what went on there. We've got one hundred dollars and seventy eight cents. There are on a theory which down half percent and sorry. I should say that Bitcoin is down. I percents K down one point one percent never the theory. We've good that resistance assistance. One Ninety four thirty five in that region. It is coming up and I. I'm not looking for any long tries until I get through. That's buffet with resistance since fast-approaching it's not interesting for me to be getting in prior to resistance and that is exactly why I've left the tower cradle goat bought except they had a pretty good day. Talk over the top ten up three point seven percent. It's sitting at twenty six cents on the Schnauzer and a little pullback maybe on a four hour for cradle tried their ladies in watchlist. bitcoin cash has been caught for a few days. Now creeping along solid waste consolidating. It's a sitting three hundred eighty dollars. Sixty cents down one percent. The estate has been saw for good couple of weeks since his big move to the outside sitting at three point one one percent down at two hundred seventy two dollars flat lot coin one is one of interest to me on a daily time against the patrol. US dollars sixty seven dollars and seventy six cents. It's down two point six percent today on the out. Sorry it's actually the point seven five percent. Footballs and twenty three cents. Not a great deal going on bit of Crab Wilga Barnett's eighteen dollars and fourteen cents down one point. Full five percent sent another sideways market cow. Donna authors very strong move in the last few will the loss Wilson of the Israeli is a five point six cents down one point five six percent very solid wise. Is there a theory. Classic is down two point four seven percent on eleven dollars and forty cents and I got along on that the other day on the break yet which actually stopped out of loss. Not let's to losing trades into Roy if they wish to make a big a little bit. I'm not saying that I wasn't careful but I'm definitely wearing my next. Tried to be an absolutely stand at floors tried More than happy to tight losing rides. I just want to make sure that if I'm going to have a

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