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As attractive from a baseball perspective as Garrett Cole like it's been a while since and somebody like that his of reach the rich free agent market and in a time where the gap between good pitcher and great pitcher is is as stark as I can ever remember it. Being the two guys who signed right now are as good. Examples of any white pitcher like coal or Strasbourg can give you When you get to the when you get to the postseason so Yeah Ben like the the money is just even if somebody even is a pain a player's guy. It's a it's a little bracing 'cause we're not we're not used to seeing nine figure contract terms that start with a three or nine year contracts for pitchers and so yeah. That's really. Yeah the pitchers and the years. That's the most jarring thing I mean. We were conditioned to expect it By the Strasbourg deal. And even by Zack Wheeler deal. I mean wheeler is going to get one hundred eighteen million. You'd have verb later. Kershaw deals to like the air is not that had. It's right it. Yeah it's a record but it's barely a record whereas the nine years for a pitcher particularly that is something that we just haven't let's see. Have we seen that since like Wayne Garland in Nineteen seventy-six. Or whatever it was. It's just a Bob Turley in fifty seven or something. Well yeah that was just reserve serve clause that was perpetual. I believe this is the longest pitcher contracts since Wayne Garland who made over his ten years less than three million dollars. Yea Right and you know he lasted about pass that contracts lengths. I think which obviously the Yankees hope will not be the case. I mean it's the standard long term contract act. You hope that you get

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