Putin, Zelenskiy meet for Paris summit on Ukraine conflict


The leaders of Russia Ukraine France and Germany are reporting some progress in their discussions on the war in eastern Ukraine and peers Eleanor Beardsley reports the leaders talks in Paris broke up late in the night president Vladimir Putin envelope to me is the Lynskey with the leaders of France and Germany mediating agreed to a ceasefire and prisoner exchange before the end of the year plus a withdrawal of forces from three conflict zones and another meeting of the crisis group in four months a clearly nervous the Lynskey speaking through a French interpreter call the meeting long but concrete and a positive first step it was his first meeting with Putin minimums industry some of these social monies from the review as he spoke of the Lynskey exchange several looks with president Emmanuel mackerel seem to encourage him it's the first time the crisis group over Ukraine has met in four years more than thirteen thousand people have died in the conflict between Ukrainian forces and Russian backed

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