Who are the NBA's heels? Did the 2010 Celtics break LeBron? What's up with Ayton? - burst 2

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Strategy in two thousand ten So obviously Lebron's it's fans are up in arms that anyone would say anything negative about him and The Celtics fans are just loving. That Cagey is going right in one of their long-term rivals So I guess first of all. Let's let's breakdown this cagey versus Lebron. Because I know cages one of your all time favorite players is he right and is cagey the type of he'll that the NBA is missing. Well I think I think cagey is right. Because I'm pretty sure at some point I can't recall win but Lebron Basically admitted that you know he was model. When he went to Miami it was modeled after the big three that? The Celtics put together with K. G.. Paul Pierce Ears and Ray Allen and he didn't have enough talent. He said Multiple Times that he never had enough talent around him. In Cleveland to get past the Boston Celtics came close a couple of times uh-huh but could never get over the Hump so goes to Miami teams up with two hall of Famers who are in their primes James and they are able to squeak past the Boston Celtics a for a two two years in a row and so two to I mean I

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