Closing Out 2019 - burst 02

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To go to this dinner event the night before and and I was honored to be a part of it and honored to be there with Jake so I went to the event I boarded. O'Shea listen to this. I I went through like paperwork to get a accepted into this boarding place in Manhattan. Right stop it gets better. You had to be accepted yet. You have to give all taste that paperwork and whatnot and then you have to have like from three cats referenced. Right they do. They needed references to check in on him. which is a- and I can say that I dare one of Y'all I did one? You OUGHTA start emailing Michael Collins us the bad word no I didn't I didn't I said the axe showpiece word right when it goes speaking of female dog. That's exactly what it is so I went through this whole process. I had to find a place that was open in late enough for me to attend the dinner and still pickup O'Shea so anyway go to the event of shades accepted to this Manhattan the hat and boarding place. I picked him up at at about ten PM on Monday night. Ten PM Monday night in Manhattan and I made it Condo in West Palm by nine PM on Tuesday. Whoa wait wait will yes again? I gotTA do. There's some serious math involved here again. I last Manhattan at at ten PM on Monday at arrived in ten pm Monday night they night and arrived in our in our condo at eight fifty seven. PM Tuesday

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