NYC Mayor de Blasio calls hate crimes an 'act of domestic terrorism,' steps up security


Jewish communities in and around New York City were already shaken following the shooting spree at a kosher market in Jersey city on December tenth it left for innocent people dead on top of that at least six apparent anti semitic hate crimes reported in Brooklyn last week alone that has the city taking extra security straps in neighborhoods like Williamsburg and crown heights amid Lazio says part of that is bringing people together for dialogue so you see clergy and community leaders and activists of different communities out in the streets working together talking to young people engaging being present where there's a problem governor Cuomo visited the crime scene today in Muncie he called the attack an act of domestic terrorism and said it should be prosecuted as such he also said the violence which came on the seventh night of Hanukkah was fueled by intolerance and that hatred has been exploding in our country it is an American cancer that is spreading in the body politic the governor adding that anti semitism and bigotry of any kind are repugnant to the American values of inclusion and diversity in quote we have absolutely zero tolerance for such acts of hate twins news time ten

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