For all those people that 'never get sick'...



It's been like three weeks of sickness cygnus in my house with Flu Croup. There was a minor pin worm scare. So I've been sick. I'm trying to kind of recalibrate and rest and You know can I have. Can I say that I have a bone to pick a bone broth put toothpick this bone. Bra Okay yes I I have been doing. All the things one does when one is sick to try to heal themselves and then taking my elgible berries syrup and you know my baths with my soap. Myself my bath with my salt and I get irritated when conversations occur where it's like you know I never get sick. And it's because I do dot dot dot I think this myth of like the person person who doesn't ever get sick because of X. Insert whatever their Yeah I think they just haven't been sick in a while and so there is a level of like print almost like they're blaming you like it's your fault little bit. Yeah and if only only you had done what I like. Oh well I you know I drink elderberry. elderberry is just on the tip of my brain right now. Yeah and I never get sick or I have bone broth you now every week and I never get sick and it's like it's the same experience I've had my kids have head lice a ton. Yeah and as a result I've gotten it and I often talk to people and they're like well I just I'm not GonNa make kids head and we've never had lice and AMAC. That's that's a nice preventative measure. It's not doesn't completely prevent right one day. It's going to happen. Yeah anyway so I just I feel a little sensitive about those conversations that I find I can into a lot interesting. How those conversations at all I mean you really speaking language because those kinds of conversations drive me up a wall which is perhaps? Why don't get into that? It's like people start and they're like no not. I'M NOT GONNA NOT GONNA go there with her and I have to watch myself when I do it about any. Yeah I certainly on the flipside dude about all sorts. It's all things I'm sure right. I mean it's so hard to say like what helps correlation is not causation Um and we're all individuals all individuals and we all you know. Someone who works in an office has kids in daycare in travels. A lot is probably going to get sick a lot more than someone who like works from home and has no kids yes or like and never leaves the state not. I'm not like I definitely get sick less in California than I did in New York right. I was on the subway every day. The weather is different anyway. Who you know I as you know? I am generally not one for these more. Shall we say homeopathic remedies and I know that this is a controversial stance. But that's just I'm just speaking my truth. Give me the dayquil stuff I do put stock in is like Nick Washing your hands sneezing into your elbow like you know what I mean like the kind of things that do actually try to prevent the spread of germs. We read a book called girl. Wash your hands. Will you know I wanted to write a book called Girl Wash your by washing. Your the hands is way more important than washing your face. Oh completely agree like yes. Wash your face doesn't prevent the spread of germs. Oh we got a scrub the hands. You gotTA wash their hands. We're in Sheikh handwashing time. I mean it should always be peak in Washington but especially now you make a good point that is we we know and anytime you go to the doctor which I have done a lot in the past month with my kids. It's like just like you got to watch those hands and you've got to say the alphabet while you wash your hands. That's how long you have to do it and like there's just now all that said as well it is obviously still possible to get sick even if you wash your hands a thousand in times a day and I don't want to encourage anyone who perhaps has like. OCD tendencies to think like. Oh my God I need to wash my hands every five seconds now I appreciate that you know what I mean Menia. 'cause like I think it helps but I don't think it's like it's not the cure. All is what I'm saying. There is no you know. Yeah

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