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Dallas: Rio Vista ISD cancels classes, school activities due to flu and flu-like symptoms


The Rio Vista school district in Johnson County is closed for the next week to try to stop a fast spread of illness and that includes the flu about a hundred students are out today about sixty in the elementary school alone Rio Vista ISD superintendent Tony Martin is with us on the care all the news line we normally run about ninety six percent attendance rate only have told us seven hundred seventy students in the district in Friday we start to see and sickness and increase and now today we have over a hundred out that brings us down to about eighty six percent of the S. pretty drastic increase according to one report today it seems like a lot of this was concentrated at the elementary school what's going on there slash just yes forty and sometimes it is in the middle school high school the kids all were people who are affected are you know little ones they tend to catch a lot of stuff that are not wash their hands is good those types thanks what are you gonna be doing it between now and re opening school on the eighteenth to make sure to to stop the spread around already starting are a deep cleaning and disinfecting program going to go over the next two days custody and see you know bring in and out Mr said that the thing that provides a active and will be black man all hard surfaces bathrooms just a deep clean I guess you could say is just the normal protocol you know we talked aboard and inform them of the high numbers and they scored a hard decision to make sure that the kids are taking care of real fast I SD superintendent Tony Martin there he also adds the district has had to do this a couple different times before but their highest priority is the safety and health of the students again they're out to the

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Dallas: Rio Vista ISD cancels classes, school activities due to flu and flu-like symptoms

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