Hurricane Irma May Have Destroyed Barbuda's Generations-Old Land System


On the Caribbean island of barbecued a land cannot be bought or sold. The whole island is shared communally. And it's been that way since the eighteen hundreds but planet money any Sara Gonzalez went there and found that capitalism is creeping in. Antigua and Barbuda are two islands. That make up one country. Antigua is mountainous and touristy see with about ninety eight thousand residents. That's where the government is Barbuda's flat flat like a penny with just fifteen hundred residents. It's the kind of island where wild donkeys. Angie's just walk into your home call and where no one wants lobster anymore. We love breakfast. We did for lunch for dinner. We'd love to three times a day. That's Atkinson Beezer beautiful. Bob Yuda when this is Natalia. John Calls her. Hey go take out new. And they both got land for their homes. The way everyone else in Barbuda's gets it people just go cut what they want. Clear it and stop bill. Just take a piece of land and be like okay. There's my this is my land. That's so that's so. We usually do perfect. No money no money not even taxes not even taxes then even like a permit fee nothing like really zero zero dollars zero zero dollars free free. No paperwork no lease no title Bob. Yuda has the greatest land deal on earth. This is Albert Patty Simon. They're calling me the grill. It simply mean a verbal historian. Back in Sixteen eighty-five Colonization Times Simon. The grio says this English Guy Christopher conjuring ten least the whole island of Bermuda from the king. Oh Yeah Cadran. On on was a slave master. He had his slaves over there. The entire island was made up of five hundred. Enslaved people at its peak and one white manager and his family and when slavery was abolished and the white manager finally left. There were no white people on the island. Just formerly enslaved people so they stayed so the people are left alone left. They're they're sorta live happy. Held the whole island in common. That's what it's called and no one ever came in and said but wait wait. You need property. Titles at some point Barbadians do start leasing. Land there are a few beachfront hotels and resorts but barbadians never sold the land and it stayed this way until twenty seventeen when hurricane. Irma had a lot of win. And then you you just just say a window Saturday. Birthday Bash. You know this. Is Natalia John Again. Almost all the buildings Bermuda were damaged know roofs. No doors Barbieri. We're totally exposed. And they heard another hurricane was coming in three days. The prime minister who lives in Antigua orders a mandatory evacuation and barbarians are like wait everyone the entire island. Everybody Alpha Bob. Yuda really the Prime Minister Gaston Brown. Says the government doesn't have the money to rebuild. Any focuses focuses on the island's most obvious acid. The land says he thinks his whole communal land thing is a big misunderstanding. Which is the Bob? wtdn have always carried this myth. Perhaps maybe a couple of hundred years that they own the land. You say that Barbuda's I have been thinking that they own the land. It is a myth that they own the land but there is a law that parliament the Antiguan. Barbian government passed. That says I just want to read. The the first sentence says enact to confirm that all land in Barbuda's is owned in common by the people of Barbuda right so so it was a dangling piece of legislation he repeals. The law tells Barbadians that you have been living on for free all these years new plan. We're going to sell it to you for one dollar eastern Caribbean. About thirty seven cents. US and now you'll have a title and you can take title to a bank to get a loan. Mm to rebuild your home that type of property rights system is quintessential to the advancement of e country. But the rest of the island lind which is most of the island that would now be open to development. Foreign investment was a trick. That is what I

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