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Stuck between two choices? Ask Alexa to flip a coin!



It is Saturday and that means it is time for some more more Alexi commands and today these are all about well probability and it's a lot more fun than it sounds. Here's some things that you could say to Lexi. If you need the need for example to flip a coin or to think of a number between one and ten or that sort of thing they're pretty simple commands is what you can say you can simply say Lexi Flip Aucoin and she will do that for you and tell you what she gets you can also say Lexi give me a random number between and you can give to numbers and she will give you that random random number between those two numbers. So lucky kimmy random number between one and ten and she will do that. And here's another one that has to do with chance. It's a little bit different but it's a little game you can play you you can simply say. Lexi rock paper scissors and have a little game with Lexi and see if you can beat her at the game all right so have some fun with those

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