Trump tells Utah governor about Romney: 'You keep him. We don't want him.'


Our politics lead today. President trump can't quit earlier today. The president spoke with the nation's governors. And and here's what he had to say to Utah Governor Gary Herbert About Utah. Senator Mitt Romney the lone Republican in the Senate who voted to remove the president. How's it been around me? The president trump on his vengeance store after getting acquitted and firing too key impeachment witnesses from their administration jobs as well as the brother of one of the witnesses and as C. N. N.'s Kaelin Collins reports for us. Now the president may just be getting warmed up today. The White House is standing in by the abrupt firing of two key. Witnesses in the impeachment inquiry they fired. They removed back to their original jobs. President trump has continued his streak of vengeance. Claiming lieutenant colonel. Alex deserved to be fired because of poor performance reviews while on the National Security Council though his attorneys called that obviously Asli False. CNN has learned before they were let go both Vin and anywhere Basseterre. Gordon Sunland or quietly planning to leave the administration. The trump didn't want them going quietly and fired them instead. Officials still claim it wasn't retaliation the president wants to retaliate. Because of the testimony testimony happened was in November and December. It's quite a while ago now in light of the firings Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer Today. Call the nation's inspectors general to protect whistleblowers whistle blowers telling the Pentagon vin was viciously attacked for bravely stepping forward. To tell the truth. The president is still lashing out at those he can't fire. WE'RE CONTINUING HIS ONSLAUGHT AGAINST UTAH. Senator Mitt Romney who broke with the Party and voted for impeachment. Romi you it today. Trump also touted his administration's four point eight trillion dollar budget proposal that features major cuts in eligibility changes in federal safety net programs like Medicaid food stamps and disability claims while boosting military spending. We're we're going to have a very very good budget with a very powerful military budget because we have no choice award now of course take. That budget is largely meaningless. It's a political. Political document is not actually going to go anywhere but this all comes as the president is going to have his first rally here in New Hampshire tonight since he was acquitted. Of course this is the first state that actually gave the President of Big Victory Twenty sixteen and we're being told by officials to expect him to make impeachment a cornerstone of his twenty twenty pitch to voters and expect him Antonin unrestrained tonight take all right Kaelin Collins with the wings live and let die playing behind her. Thank you so much. Let's chat about this so to Lou There is this push this spin by trump people that oh no. He didn't fire anybody. They were on their way out anyway but right after president trump fired sunland and had been reassigned from the National Security Council son. Donald trump junior tweeted this. Allow me a moment to thank and this may be a bit of a surprise. Adam Schiff were it not for his crack track investigative skills president trump might have had a tough time on our thing who all needed to be fired. Thanks Adam so I mean it's pretty clear what this was all about. Yeah yeah this is sort of a trump to step where he tweets something that maybe a little bit ambiguous that most people know what he's talking about and then his administration officials come out and say no he's not actually he doesn't actually mean that he means means something different and then eventually either the president or someone close to them spills the beans and says actually yeah. This is what I meant and I think it's pretty clear to anyone who's watching is that the president was waiting for his acquittal. Quito to get rid of and to target people he thought were disloyal. Even targeting the brother of a witness who no one in the White House and said why he was march out of the White House. The brother of Alexander intervenign someone who is not testifying was not part of this Ukraine scandal in any major way He was marched out of the White House. Unceremonious leave though. He's a veteran as well. So this is clear that the president is on a revenge tour and as Caitlyn said. There's a sense that more people could get caught up in this as

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