Comparing the impeachment trials of President Clinton and President Trump


Right now on Capitol Hill ahead of the one PM eastern resumption of the Senate impeachment trial of president trump some Senate Republicans are holding a news conference led by Lindsey Graham South Carolina chair of the Judiciary Committee thank you all very much observations about yesterday it was a long day but that's okay a lot of Americans have long days a couple things I've been involved into impeachment trials this is the second one I just want to make an observation here what the house managers were proposing yesterday is basically destroy the institution of the presidency as we know it make it make it when it comes to the partisan impeachment not have a venue to go to court and litigate privileges at the end of an exercise our prior presence when it comes to Donald Trump willing to destroy the institution of the office in the name of getting him so bottom line the Clinton impeachment was conducted by outside counsel there's not here Ken Starr spent five years investigating the president before we took up the matter in the house the president was allowed to cross examining Ken Starr at the house Judiciary Committee he recommended eleven grounds for impeachment and president Clinton utilize the court's extensively on his behalf Robert Mull was an outside counsel appointed to investigate this press I want the public to note that this president cooperated with Mister Miller he turned over million documents his lawyer testified for thirty hours and after two years of investigation with nineteen lawyers forty F. B. I. agents two thousand subpoenas and five hundred search warrants they decided to take no action they said there was no collusion between the trump campaign and the Russian government when it came to obstruction of justice they did not recommend any action I thought that would be the end of actually introduce legislation to say that Robert Muller cannot be removed accept the call because the president felt like the motor investigation was of which I did not the present was frustrated because he said he did nothing wrong I can understand that but it was important for me to make sure that the country would have somebody to look at these allegations Ross are very serious and I supported Mahler's ability to look any work for a long time and I thought it would be over Mr Shipp said yesterday what they did in the house was just like what we did with Clint that is absolutely untrue from the time they authorized impeachment it took forty eight days not two years with Mahler not five years like Clint the forty eight days the fact finding process was done in the Intel committee now the Judiciary Committee the present was denied the right to cancel the Intel committee and could not request with they spent one day in the Judiciary Committee go back and look at the tapes of how long can start testified before the Senate excuse me the house Judiciary Committee of which I was a far what we've done for the first time in American history isn't Peter president without outside counsel and all in a forty eight day period well here's what struck me the most where the house manager said reason we didn't go to court we don't want to go through the courts is that we can engage in before the election they withdrew from the Cumberland cover of the dead the national security adviser case where the dead the national security adviser what course to tell me what to do judge the house actually withdrew the subpoena because they didn't want the court process to stop the impeachment trial they would have the United States Senate create an impeachment process where the president would not be allowed to go to article three court to argue privileges that have been argued in every other impeachment trial and have been argued by president since George Washington that would destroy the institution of the presidency as we know it what would it do it would allow a handful any three hundred plus million country people all along partisan lines ten PH a president without independent judiciary the before I came here I used to try cases we have a lot of good lawyers in this body all I can say is that when the court date was set and if I showed up and asked for a bunch of subpoenas and documents to be produced on the day of trial that I had not pursued before the trial in any serious way how to get tossed out what do we do yesterday exactly what happened in the Clinton impeachment trial we're going to hear the house's gate the president's response we're going to ask questions then we'll decide among ourselves do we want to know anything yesterday was about eleven hours of them telling us how bad their case was in my view they did not pursue these witnesses because they knew the president what's the judiciary very us and it literally would stop them impeaching him before the election so the only thing I can tell the American people when it comes to replacing those present nine months plus from the election you got an up hill battle with me because I really do believe that the best person group of people to pick a president are the voters not a bunch of partisan politicians senator Lindsey Graham every day we're here doing this is a day were taken away from doing things that really matter so when they say it was like Clinton no when they say the court's really have no place in impeachment that's all going to be done by the house and the Senate without any independent judicial review god help us all center Steve Daines of Montana we had a lot of time last night thank some twelve hours on the floor of the US Senate is the first impeachment trial I've been through senator Graham is the experience that is his prior political life it reminded me of when I went to high school in Bozeman Montana if I turned in a term paper he was half complete my teacher toss it back to me they didn't get it done is incomplete probably give it up and say it's a complete try yeah that's why I felt like we saw last night was an incomplete case I have not done a complete homework you're my enemy what Nancy posted back in two thousand ten on the Obama care is that first we got a pass to find out was it it feels like what happened last night they had a rush this through the house just get over to the Senate we'll find out what's really in try to fix a fair let me remind you remind all of us in two hundred forty four years of history of this great country United States Senate has never remove a president from office never you look at the two trials for presence but we have had in the Senate over the course of our history President Johnson eighteen sixty of course president Clinton nineteen ninety nine what's unique about this impeachment trial versus the other two the other two both had crimes alleged in the impeachment articles president trump does not the other two impeachment trials had bipartisan support coming out of the house president trump impeachment coming out of the house did not first time I've ever seen there were many things that I agreed with with with a German never said last night but he did say some and I hope everybody hurts actually back to the Clinton days was it and I will paraphrase it and god help us if we ever purely partisan basis numbers work back then were wives and I hope you would see them today this is the most hardest impeachment process ever seen a history of this great country no crimes alleged in the trunk articles not bipartisan in a very important final point is if you look for the Democrats are asking United States Senate to do is to remove president trump from office and to bar him from ever holding office again was also unique about this trial versus president when this is done in an election it's really big the fundamental question as well is to the United States Senate the side the two thousand twenty election and overturn a two thousand sixteen election by removing this president from office I put the trust in the voters of this country they should have that say not the nicest

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