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A quid pro quo. It is funding will not flow in less the investigation. Investigation into the server happened as we do. We do that all the time with foreign policy. Does it bother. Are you at all that. The trump legal team told you and your colleagues in the Senate that there's no evidence that the aid was linked to any investigation when the White House Chief of staff has already admitted publicly that there was so the first thing is not linked to security assistance and they definitely said that yesterday and they detailed out how the White House did not connect this security and he was talking about security he. He was talking about the investigation into the two thousand sixteen into the crowd. Strike pieces. What Mick Mulvaney and that? The security assistance was tied to carrying out that investigation. There are two investigations. Trump was calling for you too right. Well one of them he was going for one presents. Alinsky asked him about and that he actually brought up but splitting hairs the whole conversation here in the process there they also talked about about the In the phone call itself security. Assistance Conversation was about Jacqueline's which were unconnected to this. And then the question is now this whole issue about twenty sixteen. Yes they had a pause on that and Mick Mulvaney clearly said that and then I'm sure the White House teams are going to walk through the next couple of days able to tail it aired and told you there's no evidence and there writs evidence that's Mulvaney admitting that there was a link between the delay in security assistance in exchange for the investigation into two thousand sixteen but the two thousand in sixteen is not about the two thousand twenty election. I know this sounds bizarre on this for me. I've been confused the entire time without managers trying to say if the president's asking Ukraine for additional information nation about the two thousand sixteen election the net must be interfering in the twenty twenty elections. Never made sense to me. They never tried to be able to connect the dots well On that the two thousand sixteen election and all all that debate had just ended literally the day before that call happened on the twenty fourth of July is when the Mullahs report came out is final. Robert Muller had done his statement all all of America through Congress to be able to read through all the report. It was closed the next day the presence on the phone. We'll presence Alinsky and says do us a favor. Basically my intelligence folks are saying one thing about Ukrainian interference in the election. Rudy Giuliani and some other folks are saying another thing about interference in it. Do us a favor. Is this true. Can you just check into. It doesn't seem to be interfering in the two thousand sixteen election. That seems to be settling an issue. That's still unsettled. The argument is that the cloud road of Russia helping president trump in two thousand sixteen would be cleared theoretically if what Tom Bossert. The president's former homeland security adviser is called a debunked bound conspiracy theory is proven correct. So it would theoretically help them in two thousand twenty because it would clear this cloud if they could prove that Ukraine not Russia did a pretty big line to be able to go especially when something had already been put to bed. But isn't that evidence that most definitely Russia was the one that was the primary factor in two thousand sixteen. The president's still seems teams. Have this question about whether it's Ukrainian the service. They can Ukraine. I don't have a question that I don't think it's true on that. But he'd still does and he's hearing information from do different science. He wants to get cleared out that doesn't affect affect anything though in the two thousand twenty election but it's evidence that there was a link between the security systems and a demand for investigated. And that's what I'm saying. which the trump legal team argued does not exist and we all saw it with our own eyes? I will give you that but I don't think that's a significant issue also in that clip. What they're not playing are the other things that were said before that that as well that Mick Mulvaney were saying here all the other reasons and yes? The president had talked about this as well. Sure that'd been part of the conversation but that is not the sole reason process on it right and that's that was the biggest challenge that we had is that for three days. We heard one part of a sentence but not the sentence before the Senate after and the president's legal team said okay. Let's take the sentence. They've stayed strong evidence. And let's put into context. What's before and after it and you find out it's a whole different issue when you actually get in context like the whole issue about the White House visit in that that phone call presents Alinsky says? Hey if we can't meet at the White House why don't we meet September the first that actually that meeting gets set up the process starts mealy on it and get set up but the House team was saying if you if you don't get a White House visit. They don't want anything that's all they want. Except in the same phone call presents Alinsky said or we can meet over here and they set that I guess join is. That's one of many examples of the president's team saying things that are not true he also claimed a Patsy Pollini said that House Republicans were not admitted into the skiff for for the depositions. I assume you've readily some of the deposition transcripts and not only were Republicans in there some of the president's most artists ardent defenders Jim Jordan. Devin Nunes Stefanik Stefanik Zeldin. Were there asking questions. So when he said that that wasn't true also no he he's really trying to say. There is no opportunity for the White House to cross. Examine any of these individuals. That's that's not what he said. Well both in the first two times and then when it came to the third time where they said the White House was actually invited. None of those. Those folks actually came to be cross examined so the White House never had an opportunity cross examine any of these individuals an attorney for left part. Is that Giuliani associate. who was indicted under Federal Campaign Finance and Tober released nearly ninety minutes of the secret recording from in two thousand eighteen dinner with president trump? Here's a quick clip. How were they last.

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