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Hangover Hell (with Josh Gondelman)


It. Let's hear it all right. Obviously obviously we're going to kick things off as always with worse things. I write about the worst news of the week after that. We got a little deep dive for you. And I'm not sure how we've done over one hundred hundred episodes of this podcast without covering this topic but my sources tell me. We haven't even though I feel like I've talked about hangovers before but anyway were diamond deep into hangovers Over and finally we got Josh Gondal men on the show. He's author comedian. He writes produces for Jesus. And Mero on showtime. I used to work out last week tonight with John Oliver and now most notably. He's guess complainer on on Happy Hour. So let's get into it looks to it. Let's talk very quietly because I still have it and it's splitting me and start the show all right worse things first. Let's talk about the worst news of the week fast. The national the Weather Service has issued a warning in Florida only in Florida for residents to be on alert. Four iguanas falling from the sky. Yes someone deemed me about this story and I was so pleased. Yeah so apparently. According to people who know whether and also animals the unusually cold temperatures in Florida basically iguanas freeze stories. When they're cold you know just like as we do but like literally they get stunned and unlike sees up And so they were like it's unusually cold in south Florida right now. Like around Miami. And so when the temperatures dropped down to like the thirties and forties the stunned frozen iguanas. Just start falling out of trees. Do they just have to put down like little tiny mattresses or under all all these trees to try and catch them they better yeah. There is one also this article this is from the AP says that Male Guan is can grow up to be five feet feet long and weigh nearly twenty pounds. That's an amazing ratio. Wish to supermodel. Bmi Hi is Sola. Those measurements are too dry. For how is that even possible. Twenty pounds but five life feet long it was is their.

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Hangover Hell (with Josh Gondelman)

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