Bots to Date for Us: The Future of Love?



Brought you in because Of a woman name his Enya. She's a mutual friend of ours. We both know her and she said something to me that I thought was like one of the most was fascinating things. A tech person has said to me. We were doing an interview in San Francisco like outside at some fancy place and she was talking about artificial intelligence. I and a friend of hers had passed away and using all his personal data text messages and like anything he'd put out there publicly she had recreated the digital version of him a lot of some sort That she would. It was almost like a shadow of him that she would still talk to which was like this crazy concept at the time time on. There's like a Black Mirror episode. That feels very similar to this and she would be texting with the Roman brought to her having this whole conversation about the future of AI. Hi and she said one line to me and this is how I always is like as a reporter as a journalist. This is how I always end up doing different episodes and like I go off and I go off into the world and do a whole different story based on something one person says to me in an interview and this is how. I think I've come to you. She said well in the future. We won't even date on dating APPs we'll have bots to date for us like they'll just date for us. We won't even have to swipe and I was like I wonder if down the line that will happen. So that brings me to you. Shane Mack is yet and That's going to happen rate for sure and so. Tell me an and it's happening happening because you're doing that in some capacity before we kind of get into that. Let's talk a little bit about you. you're obsessed with bots. I am now. Yeah what about them. It wasn't my first love. I was obsessed with messaging and I really loved the idea that I should be able to text people and businesses the same and the future would be all lived within messaging not calling or doing crappy website or downloading an APP and then my co-founder was the founder of declawed Robert Stevens and he came to me and said hey the future is not messaging humans future as messaging bots and other. What do you mean? And he's like well. The future is about language talking to systems so he was like let's just hack greatclips website And I'm I'm going to build a textbook that allows me to say I want to get a haircut today and it'll go fill out all the stuff for me automatically on the website and the Bal respond back and say there's a opening and twelve minutes fourteen minutes nineteen minutes and we built it and this is a two thousand thirteen and we went in and Robert Name was on the screen. Is Robert Stevens twelve minutes. And he's like this is the future and it's going to remove all the software in the middle and so then I became obsessed with the mission that bots will create the next wave of the internet which I think because about getting us off the Internet the last decade was about getting us on the Internet and I think the next one is about getting us all Florida vices capacity. Because if you start with today you start with letters to make words words to make meaning and meaning goes to be intent but if you go tomorrow I think we start with intent tent like I want to get a haircut and the body goes a nice it for you and a learns about you knows your preferences and knows how you talked. Everyone else watches in dating context. I look get where people always have. Friction and get kind of Annoyed and I'll listen to people on dating APPS and they're like I have an inbox full of tons of people. We all say the same shit and it's just an endless banter and I can never remember windfall up with and then I've taken to my text messages and I don't remember an unnamed named hello there fucking know this person is and I listened to Mike Okay. So that's not the future that's too much friction and it's causing people things -iety and I think the boss will handle all that. Can you just our listeners. explain like the most basics of like what is it yeah It's just a piece of software that can communicate with you and whether it's on Alexa that would be about whether there it's In a text message a response back and says had agreed. And it's a computer system not a human that's about or if it can talk systems like we have what's that we've built that can both haircuts or book appointments or Boca Flight. Do Anything like that in your company. Assist essentially built kind of this platform all for for this and so much show that facebook kind of called on you. I remember when Mark Zuckerberg Was Up there and facebook launched bats like the Sucker burgers up there talking about one eight hundred flowers that face because its developer's conference for folks who don't know they have developers conference once a year where like all all the facebook executives. Get up there and they talk about like their biggest things that are coming down the pipeline. It's a very big deal for facebook And and they kind of set the stage and and I remember Mark Zuckerberg getting up there. And he's like you never have to call one eight hundred flowers again right and And he's a because there's like a bought right or or something and that was powered by you guys right or you through the first partner. Ever launched seventy two hours before we didn't know it was going to happen and they said Zuckerberg wants to know if the CEO will care at one eight hundred flowers if he makes fun of them and the C O like no. It's amazing let's do it and he's he's always been very progressive and he built his company off being the first company in the world to sell on a phone number and then he was the first person to sell on the Internet compuserve in Nineteen ninety-three and so the fact that they were the first to launch with us to do boss like made sense and it was cool. And so you sold. Are you required. said it was acquired And this this is where things get interesting right because like I think you know we've heard about bots like for all these big companies using it especially customer service bots and all this the stuff but like things are getting really This is where I light up right because like she kinda weird ray because now they're going to be used in all these different ways like this is stuff that no one's talking about there's a whole other use case of bonds and you started thinking about it As it pertained anti like our personal lives right dating and there is a problem and the problem is that there's so many options is really hard so all this is kind of happening simultaneously simultaneously. So you have kind of somehow. Shane thought about bought use for dating APPS. How did that come Komo doubt yet? So I'll give you the business answer and then like my personal and business answer is I actually have been always very interested in the space And I was like the swipe is commoditised so all their business models are built on connection but the connections now infinite like. It's not that you can't get connected because everyone's is on them. It's become mass market. And there's no more stigma than so now everyone's connected. Yeah we literally. There's like so many connections. You don't know what to do. So they've nailed their business model so well that it has has no value so now you have endless connections. But that's how they make money but if I don't need to use specific apps pay them to have more connections then the question becomes uh-huh if if swipes were like how you walked up to someone at a bar and you judge them you have to look at a photo type left right. I think the future is actually the language of the bought that that is what I was like. Oh the first response is actually the new. Swipe the words are the swipe. That's how you get a response. Because everyone I talked to you since messages than ever hear back so then the way that you send messages and how you communicate effectively in what do you have any whitten. Are you funny. Are you curious. Are you specific questions. All all types of things like stuff that I like to think about and just like how do you get people to be more curious and more specific in their question asking. I was like if I can teach everyone how to ask better questions. Will they get better answers. And we'll get responses and it is the new business model based on words not on swipes. That's how that was like maybe okay so now giving the personal answer answer because you're also a dude who sounds like you're on the dating apps and like An. I know every founder tries to fix a problem for himself. So were you just not getting responses. No not actually if you will see if take handwrite and I love what hinge. Did they made it more personal use personal message to a piece of content. That takes so much time. Yeah Yeah and so. I'm looking at it and for me. I always optimizing time and I'm like wait. I'm writing the same type of message for the hiking photo jumping at the top of a cliff for almost every single one or a piece of food that someone has or they have the picture on the bowed or they have a dog like they're all kind of the same and it's it's Kinda sad I was like shit. They all look the same in this profile format that hinge created and it takes forever to literally type A thoughtful message over and over again and and I was like I wonder if I could create a Bot. That would watch how I communicate and optimize it based on if people respond and over time be better at writing and also use the community so if other people are using different language I would learn like searching searching on the Internet. You can search. What are the top fifty things to say dating but when it's in your keyboard and it's part of your body it's probably conversation? It's like there at the moment when you're sending a message and you can then send fifty st messages in a minute. Instead of fifty messages a day.

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