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I'm Shawn Fantasy and this is the big picture. A conversation show about the most most anticipated movies of twenty twenty men. And we've been talking all about the movies of Twenty Nine Thousand Nine on our various Oscars awards conversation shows. We need to look forward now. The reason we need to look forward is because new movies are opening and they're not these dingy horror movies that they try to open January third and trick people into thinking might be decent. Here's there's actual big budget studio movies with movie stars this weekend. We have little movie called doolittle and a little movie called bad boys for life. We've seen both of these movies. He's rolling GonNa talk about one today. We'll talk about the other one later next week. Hopefully you will have seen that other one after that but mostly we're GONNA be talking about movies. We don't really know that much about other than the names and the titles and we're talking about why we're looking forward to them. Let's talk about the big picture aspect of movie going in twenty twenty. I'll just say as I've mentioned at the end of the year last year. The little worried about who will people go to the movies this year. Do you think that I'm justified in my concern. One hundred percent. We talk about this on every other podcast that we make now for the big picture because moviegoing has been Ben. I don't even know if I WANNA say in a state of crisis but it has been changing and the way that people consume movies has been changing pretty rapidly and dramatically for several years now but this feels like the come to Jesus Year I agree so obviously twenty. Nineteen was deeply loaded especially by Disney with mega event movies. Not just the vendors endgame not just Star Wars Skywalker but the lion king and Aladdin reboots Dumbo reboot toy story. Four came through. There were a lot of movies. Movies that Disney at least perceived as moviegoing events now in addition to that we got a lot of great fun stuff we got once upon a time in Hollywood and parasite became a box office success. And we'll the four versus Ferrari and did very well. There's always going to be surprises. I would guess that the movies that we're going to talk about here and you're gonNA choose ten and I'm GONNA choose ten. They'll be some some big ASS. Hits hits among those movies but the movie is not the schedule is not loaded like it was last year. I think there will be a distinct or of panic panic around. What's going on at the box office? Pretty much by April or May I think we have our first taste of the panic. That's coming though. Yes yes so this week you and I saw the movie do little which stars Robert Downey junior as Dr Doolittle Let me say this movie is terrible. It is terrible will in a way that I have not experienced in my adult life and I was in a deep amount of pain watching it. I don't think you had negative reaction to the movies I did though well L.. This movie is very bad. Let's just get that affront if it is not a successful movie but I do kind of put on my. This is a kids movie helmet at some point eight and I think I'm not looking to be as rewarded on a deep emotional or cinematic level as you are or once. I realized that the movie is Robert. Downey junior talking to animated animals. Sure here's my thing. This movie makes cats look like grizzly man. Like it's really true. I think that I had a better time doolittle than I did at cats. That's astonishing still worst experience that I've pat movie in like five years. There was no plot and it was creepy people singing weird songs about what kind of cats they are I like I can't I know I've said exactly that five times but I will never wrapped my head around the fact that hundreds of people sought that that was a good idea. The wanting one thing. The cats and Dr Doolittle do have in common is that they are both based on previously existing Ip. There's been not one but two different iterations of Dr doolittle over the years. Of course the very famous nineteen sixty seven version with REX Harrison. And then Eddie Murphy came back as a doctor doolittle of sorts in the I believe in the early outs. This version has had some trouble in the reason. It is so bad ad will the reasons it is so bad manifold. Let's start with some of the production problems so in April twenty nineteen Hollywood reporter had a report about the struggles of the making of this movie. They wrote the new photography lasted twenty one shooting days not including new postproduction work according to insiders and came after an overhaul courtesy of Chris. McKay the helmer the lego Batman movie. Now Chris McKay was not the original director of this Dr doolittle movie which I believe was originally called the voyage of Dr Doolittle. Yes and it was written and directed directed by Stephen Geoghegan Listener. Stephen Geoghegan wrote and directed a movie called Syria which does not in any way resemble the story telling the joke writing the the general disposition of doolittle. Those two things have nothing to do with each other. It appears that Stephen Geoghegan was just a little bit out of his his depth in making a movie like this teach on report. Sources say that it's become apparent to the studio and producer. Susan Downey Joe Roff and Jeff Kirschenbaum. Last fall that the movie budget at one hundred and seventy five million dollars needed some surgery. Geoghegan is known for his Oscar. Winning work on layer dramas traffic and Suryana is his first time tackling visual effects heavy production. That was also comedic in tone own. Self they bring in these new folks Chris McKay among them. Also I believe the writer of the teenage mutant Ninja Turtles series was brought in to Do some script doctoring. Bring didn't help I don't think we need to recap necessarily story. It is technically a voyage. doolittle does go on a voyage. Why do you think they've changed the title? Because I have no idea. Maybe they're just hoping that if all you hear is little. Then you'll think of the other. Innovations I have Dr doolittle and then go see a movie when you say you. Who Do you mean? I people with children people who go to the movies. I don't know. Would you recommend this movie. The parents parents with children. I don't know what your life is like or what your parents rearing is like. I really don't. I don't know what you're looking for in a experience with your your children. We don't have to talk about the entire movie but can we talk about a couple qualitative issues with the film. Fire Way you turn to me about twenty minutes into this movie or maybe it was like seven minutes but it felt like twenty. It felt to me like nine hundred. And you pointed out aghast that Downey junior performance was dubbed not just align here there but literally his all of his voice work the entire film the entire fell. It's very obvious as you're watching the movie s and I also have to say the dubbing is. I turned back to you and asked whether other Robert Downey junior is supposed to be Scottish. or whether there were some troubling racist elements to his voice. It really is all over the place in not got a great way. So the dubbing does not achieve anything additive to the movie. We can only speculate what had happened. My guess is Robert Downey. Junior is an adventurous actor and he likes to. He likes to make choices certainly felt like he made a choice in the original shooting of this film used a certain voice or accent and then they the production decided. This isn't going to work now. It's possible that there was even a sort of production error like it wasn't properly recorded. Yeah that'd be incredible mismanagement of this movie. That's in play. But the other actors that appear in the movie and we should say a great many quality actors appear in this movie up chief among among them Michael Sheen doing his damnedest to play a compelling villain and my beloved. Jessie Buckley shows up in this movie. With two lines of dialogue. She sleeps on a bed. Basically throughout the film Talladega how. That is Jessie Buckley until about sixty minutes. And it's very strange. Antonio banderas shows up Antonio Matarese Oscar contender Antonio Banderas. Who is fine but none of those figures seem to be dubbed? They all seem to be using their natural speaking voices. And there's no eighty are in play here so the whole thing is just absolutely confounding and it is highly distracting as you're watching the movie every time you see Dr Doolittle onscreen and he is on screen all the time because he is the titular character. You're like why. Why is the track sink? Not Correct with the film. This is a film released by a major studio. How did how did this? Hundreds of million dollars spent on it. I don't really know it's it's it's staggering and an unfortunate You wrote down here that the dramatic climax of this movie is literally a Dragon Fart. Which is true spoilers? I guess I often as people in my generation do misuse the word literally. But in this case it's literally what what happens. It is literally what happens and I just I I was in and I was in pain in the eightieth minute of this movie. I was like God Damn Emmett. I'm supposed to be alive in the world. A little community harrogate that his bad movie. But I think I said to you afterwards. It was no less sensical to me than say Melissa sent. And I think I probably turn to you more times during the listen to it was like what the hell is happening opening. And what are we serving like the children of America

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