How to Leverage AI to Summarize CRM Data and Make It Meaningful


Welcome to the show was way getting started. Tell us about yourself. Well first of all thank you for having me. I really appreciate it. My My name is Anna Sheena Walsh. I'm the Director of growth marketing at neuroscience. And what's number two science all about near science is a data storytelling company company. So what we do is we take data. We actually turn that into stories. And we're doing that. We're re imagining the future. Analytics could be by creating eating analytics products that are built for the everyday person that might not have analytical skills. That's most of us isn't it. It is most of us the ask I guess. But it's definitely me definitely a lot of people I work with and definitely a lot of people talk to you because I think today we're kind of buried even data. Aren't we information out of it. Yeah I think so and I think especially so my background is in marketing getting Growth Marketing Really. Lean into the creative side of marketing. I do not lean as much into some of the data driven side of marketing so for those of us with that status natural. That's not where we're trained the amount of information that's available can really be so overwhelming that you don't even WanNa go look at it at all right and it can be Confu not only confusing but misleading. Yeah very true. I think confusing and then for me. Somebody like me if I'm looking at a dashboard is a high likelihood either. Don't understand it or I'm pulling out the wrong things reading it wrong or reading not getting the point of whoever created so now you just moved into demand Gen right. You're more on the product side before. Yeah actually my career. History is mostly in product marketing. Being in a little bit on the agency side is well back in earlier in my career. I've always loved working. In emerging tech in for the past has two years here in air scientists working in product marketing as we started. Some of our new brand projects started launching our new products. That is really heavily invested bringing to life I. I saw an opportunity on the marketing side. Where I thought we could get really creative in Have some fun so I ended up moving over there and I'm really loving it so far cool. So don't give us a sense of how you take analytical data and turn it into a story. Yeah I think I'll talk about our newest product on the best way you can think about. It is a news feed for your business. So what we're doing is we're taking in data about the business in this case. Let's it we're gonNA talk about like a crm data so the salesforce or something like that so we'll take that in we'll run analytics on data and and then we have a lot of tools within the product itself that helps determine what is most relevant. What is driving the change? In what would matter most to the user and we service that up in a news feed type experience you get bite size information about what information you should care about and then you can pop into longer farm stories. If that's something you WanNa learn more about or dig deeper into. I think a lot of sales people certainly they look at their crm and it just looks like you know one hundred thousand tasks that all look the same. Yeah and it's really easy to get distracted and when I talked to wrap your number one superpower's focus. Yeah definitely because ninety nine percent of those contacts and they're not going to buy anything find that one percent. Yeah Yeah I think when I think about why someone would use something like Alexio I when I explain explain to people I expect like this. You could hire somebody that wrote Everyone in your company a three minute explanation of what matters that day. So what's moving in the pipeline. What opportunities are getting bigger or smaller flows dates or moving? All your macro pipeline at your bookings is growing or not would. Would you do that in the the answer is almost always yes and if the answer is yes Lexi it would be something. You'd probably WanNa look right because it's not just the prioritization. It's what they care about or what's going on the status. The the back story. Yeah what's going on is a lot harder than it. Sounds to stay on top of every a single day within sales organizations and then all of the what we call sales plus wants so the Marketing Organization the Customer Success Organization the leadership hip team the product team. All these people are dependent on knowing what's going on within the sales organization whether it's are we selling but also what are these prospects saying when a customer saying insane on top of that is is really hard no matter where you sit in something like this. Ideally would give you that information within a few minutes every day and that's not because I think a lot of leaders look at the dashboard and when they have a question instead of going to the crm that go to the route. Oh that totally Typing it in as much as they can and no one's reading. Yeah Yeah here we call it two things. There's the fire drill or someone goes to the rat in to drop everything in answer or we call it like the dashboard. Dance where they go to the OPS person who has to wrap in the updated salesforce and go back to Oscarsson in it becomes a huge waste of time that is multiple people out of the field when they could be selling more on the market side. There's quite a few products that we'll aggregate the the press releases and the blog posts and the news releases from companies. But that's on the outside. Yes on the inside it over. People need a lens to focus in on what matters then represented in a way that is meaningful. Yes yeah definitely. It's interesting are. We're a ten year old company are if you go way way back. Our original history is actually in an automated journalism fashion. We used to do Some sports story automation and so as the company progressed in we got into reporting within companies in operational reporting. Why would we found is people are so hungry for what the newsfeed style experience in knowing what's going on getting surface to them what about information in a business itself and keeping a tight instead of this long right causes people to call instead of read? Yeah I mean we're all busy. It needs to be something you can look at on the train. When you're making dinner for your kids in those micro two-minute moments that you might have to yourself? That is the only way consume information today. So what's trying to generate demand for this. What do you do Robert? I mean it's crazy raw at because it is such a new concept. It's a new product in a new space in two totally new way to think and evangelizing a new way to work so for us. We've tried to really be a giving brand rather than taking brandon. What what we try to do is share all we've learned about this way to work and storytelling in general and data storytelling in some of our products? In put that out the world and just educate people In the idea would be that we WANNA be able to give people the information they need to make decisions and it's different than what we've done in years past or what you see a lot of companies doing think a lot to be to be companies were from the same playbook and that a playbook it's well documented. It's easy to find in. You can do it in or make you feel good but is it the right thing for you and for us. We decided it wasn't just because there is so much education need in. We have so much knowledge to share that will we're focusing on is continuing to put that out into the world in what we've found is that's a good way for people to trust you. Trust the brand. Interact with the brand more approachable way rather than just. Please try our product right

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