President Trump, Bernie And Sherrod Brown discussed on State of the Union with Jake Tapper


On Tuesday night. I told me a liar on national TV. I think you told me a liar unnaturally. So let's not do it right now. One of the discussion. We'll have that discussion. You call meal told me I don't want to say hybrid good all right so you served closely for years with both of these senators. What do you make of this I I stand with Tom? Styron her just wanting to say I don't I don't know who's I think. They both heard what they heard. I I don't believe for a moment I don't think Bernie thinks that a woman can't can't win I think that under the pressures of presidential race that temper sometimes flare. I like them both. I've known Bernie since we served in the house together whether we came to the Senate on the same day in two thousand seven I've worked with Elizabeth when she was working with the Banking Committee as a citizen to try to get the consumer bureau I think we're going to be trump in large part because we're gonNA make the contrast that were for working families and trump has betrayed workers over and over and over again i. I say we're GONNA win even if it's a woman you think a woman can win. Oh yeah absolutely a woman can win. No question I think we. I think the Democrats will nominate somebody. I don't know if it's going to be a man or a woman. I think there'll be a woman on the ticket for sure. Either President Vice President and I am confident that when we make that contrast between Democrats the Party of Workers and Republicans and trump the party that has betrayed workers on overtime and minimum wage and trade agreements. Listen in organizing unions and all that the LECTU will be clear including in my state trump won my state by eight and a half. I want it by seven and a half. We will keep those. Those anti-trump voters in people supporting the Democratic nominee in twenty twenty senator. Sherrod Brown. Thank you so much for joining us. Thanks President Trump's.

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