Joe Burrow wins 2019 Heisman Trophy


Tonight but once upon a time he was Joey borough that was back in Athens high school he's now Joe burrow and he is the Heisman Trophy winner from Louisiana State University the unbelievable story we're gonna talk tonight and we welcome in Dave Burke he knows all about Joe burrow when he was Joey borough Dave how are you tonight doing great as always merry Christmas and happy new year coming soon but that's a great night Arnold who loves Ohio high school football as a Heisman Trophy winner another one Joe we borrow also calling you Ali but a great young man and so happy for him and his family his father giving in Islam robin great family and not had a chance to get to know all over several years and it was great to watch after nine see that that he was a landslide blocked landslide victory of the Heisman Trophy absolutely and you posted a story on my Facebook page a flashback from Joey to Joe Berle Heisman finalist and dog you remember him you went to see him play when he was in Athens high school yeah there's a lot of talking I had received a call from a good part of my job McAllister who's been scouting live wire since the late eighties and Hey if you had a chance to see the kids out of that happened jelly part and I know he goes and I love you don't seem tell me what you think and also Scott reed myself we'd we drove a little over two hours away from top level I wonder about people I don't want to be playing merry and bright within a playoff game in two thousand the liberties out thirteen you know I came away an actual doctor who high school quarterback I've ever evaluated not as chicken you know I've been doing this a long time and you know when I sit there and look back at the film that I recorded that night and the things that I saw was a lot of things you're seeing now in college arms down even stronger than what it was in high school but that decision making doing progressive he he he would really not just the first problem that's what you see a lot of times and he's got a high school quarterback the place called they're going to the first option yeah he would actually do bill progressions back in high school and the pay is sold me about Joey bro what they lost a playoff game I usually do not go in interview kids after they've lost I always give them that their time but we've driven like it's over two hours first time you get a chance to see him I just need to get a phone number and I will update the one about you just looking to get the numbers I call you and they will respond as gang anything I'll talk to you and we we did the interview that I have posted on first our football report dot com did you know he'd been in luckily I I you know he's a young man who was very humble what you see tonight when he was awarded the Heisman Trophy in his speech tell you this is the type of kid I met back in two thousand thirteen and I don't suppose the night a direct message we joined back in in December two thousand thirteen and I tell kids all time during the day you have to dream big because here the young man in December on December eighteenth two thousand thirteen all almost your four days away sent me a message because he he didn't really get any attention recording and I do not worry about it it's going to happen because I I would that possibly he was a great quarterback and the thing was is recruitment wow you know I heard you earlier in the show a lot of offers they did pick up one of the ones who did not recruit him what the brass which that one call the night on TV you don't know the story dad played across the coast right and the price that he has older brothers that also played in Nebraska that was kind of like his dream school growing up yeah and but it did you know that never happened in fact you know interesting story with the Ohio state coach Herman leaves Ohio state takes the job in Houston and that one call to that Nebraska coach back comes to Ohio state rumors since moving out to be done by urban Meyer and the Buckeyes coaches that went back came in because Joey star the option of going elsewhere and schools trust me it by that time we're taking serious interest and the one with the team up north but joined the true he he wants to be an Ohio state Buckeye and the circumstances leading to unless you just you know competitiveness yeah wanted to have a chance to show what he could do and you know a close been using America too yeah so you know it great story everyone should be you know who follows a high school football should be just enjoy here the young man you know who was Mr football stayed awhile we just saw that right here in Cincinnati after many many years without a crater winning it but lunch chili borough now it is just a pleasure and I'm happy to speak with a young man happy for family your right to OJ Burke deploys the toughness the OB gosh you're going through the progressions and the accuracy the show and the tough this when he does run with the football in hanging tough in the pocket man he's got to he's got it all in you know people one thing I took away from you know you saw and I talk about his alignment he always talked about his teammates yeah he had power around even after the holiday his senior year they made it to the state championship game and lost to the legal central Catholic and I think that's what people really realized how how the jelly wise because that game was no joy property had found Rowntree Williams is a high school teammate who Jack also cost at all are you Jesse Williams just finished up his career northwestern there's a couple plans were tied into our our planning at all have you so there was more time around him at the high school level than people gave the that part of the country or any of the state of Ohio credit for and they took the big stage and our stadium up to the state change of games senior year and they came very close to winning a state title so I'm excited I think everyone else's you know who's seen the story unfolded in very excited tonight and I'm just you know like I fall from a post it with the twenty people who voted change young yeah one but I yeah great player great player a great future as well so I think there's your vitamin show you how college only was what he did as far as the season and I expect big things out of it going forward not just on the football field but off the field as well absolutely day Burke with this talking no Joey burl and just a phenomenal story Cinderella story one from Ohio state back up to L. issue the starter and now the Heisman Trophy winner and dot band to read about his family history of Brill it's a story story family history and you're just so happy for the guy to be able to reach this level he's going to go on and be up number one draft pick from some team who knows hello hi go you could go number one so we'll see what happens there but just yeah just so happy for him and and then eager to see what happens at the next level for

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