America’s Got Talent: Gabrielle Union’s NBC Meeting Reportedly Put All Eyes on Simon Cowell

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NBC NBC has now launched a formal investigation into what happened behind the scenes. On America's got talent that's on Judge Gabrielle Union. After a one season run on the top rated competition show following reports of a toxic culture. Union had what she described as a lengthy five hour. Is there any other kind and and productive meeting on Tuesday during which she expressed her hope for real change at the network union and fellow freshman. Judge Julian huff dismissed November. Twenty second second since then claims of off color jokes from guests Jay Leno and concerns over unions hair and wardrobe choices as being described as quote unquote to black have emerged urged shows workplace. Culture prepares to go under the microscope. In the meantime union has received support from former. Gt judges including Sharon Osborne and Howard Stern with the the ladder calling the Simon callow produce talent show a quote unquote boys club and if anyone would know to recognize a so called boys club it would be Howard stern yeah. Stern spent four seasons as a judge on talent. And here's a quote. He says quote he sets it up that the men stay no matter how ugly they are no matter how old they are no matter or how fat they are no matter how talentless they are and that's of course Howard Stern talking about Simon Cowles selection of the judge's panel he went on to say quote he replaces the hot chicks with hotter chicks and younger. Chicks Howie Mandel is doing a fine serviceable job. Why don't they change him? And why don't they change Simon. This is the ultimate example of a boys club. Time's up and other. Prominent actresses and show runners have voiced their support for

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