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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Topped January Sales, GTA 5 Returned to the Top 5


Here the January twenty twenty mpg for the top twenty best selling games of the month in the US and these are sorted by dollar sales. Not Number of Sola start at twenty at twenty Pokemon Shield mortal combat eleven. Just Twenty Twenty. Five twenty need for speed. He they'll Edison Zelda breath of wild star. Wars Battlefront two. Louise mentioned three. Pokemon sword minecraft in that number ten read their redemption to wingfield adventure. Mario Kart Eight smash Brothers ultimate NBA Two K. Twenty number five. You HAVE GRAND THEFT AUTO. Five number four STAR WARS SHOULD. I fall in order number three madden. Nfl Twenty and number two you. We have called DUTY MODERN WARFARE. Twenty nineteen in a number one we have Dragon Ball Z. Khaki dot

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