'Parasite' Makes History at the Oscars; Picks Up 4 Awards


A big night for a foreign film I'm rob Dustin fox news the ninety second Academy Awards is in the books and we've had lied to Hollywood to check in with faxes Machel Pelino Michelle our site is made history at the Oscars on A. B. C. and the Oscar goes to Paris the first foreign language film to win Best Picture I feel like a very opportune moment in history is happening right now I don't think the whole this on the June hello nineteen seventy four would three Renee Zellweger Joaquin Phoenix picked up the actress and actor awards for Judy and joker once upon a time in Hollywood grab two including Supporting Actor for Brad Pitt and marriage stories Laura Dern also picked up her first Oscar the MMR included tributes to both Kobe Bryant and Kirk Douglas rob Fosse's Michelle Pelino in

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