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Ep. 41: They Eat Dead People, Coronavirus, and Clean Water


It's pretty simple. I don't much care for them. This is really a a dog person versus cat person debate. I would certainly put myself into the dog person camp on that one might be with cats has more to do with their demonstrated. Negative live impact on wildlife especially birds and small mammals. According to a study published back in two thousand thirteen in the journal Nature free ranging domestic cats kill an estimated four billion birds each year and twenty two billion mammals worldwide. That's billion with beat. Additionally the International Union Union for the conservation of nature directly links outdoor cavs to the extinction of thirty three species worldwide. Not Trying to fuel the fire of paranoia here but aside from a common knowledge that cats carry diseases like talk so plas- Mosa to humans. They also carry rabies into Disneyworld the happiest happiest place on Earth Shock K.. Remember that part of Epcot was on rabies alert for sixty days in two thousand nineteen after cat that scratched to employees tested positive for the ninety nine percent fatal disease. There is a documentary on one person that survived. I mean it's considered one hundred percents fatal now. I know I've already covered all this. But a newer study published last November in the Journal of Forensic Science suggests another aspect of cat behavior. That's even more disturbing than those numbers. I just read turns out. Cats will eat something far creepy. You're than songbirds and bunnies people as in you and me. Assuming bet is that we're already dead and a cat happens upon our corpses Colorado Mason universities forensic investigation. Research Station is what's more commonly known. It was a body farm meaning they do experiments to better understand what happens to corpses as they decompose. Dark as this may sound. These studies help law enforcement. Coroners and medical examiners understand what happens to the body as it decomposes if it's natural or not natural which is valuable information anyway. Some researchers researchers going over security camera footage at the facility found that two feral cats lately residents of a nearby landfill were slipping through holes in the fence and.

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Ep. 41: They Eat Dead People, Coronavirus, and Clean Water

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