Genein Letford: Creating Financial Freedom from the Inside Out


Welcome. Janin's nice guys on business podcasts. Thank you for having me. I love having you here and I've had like three or four cups of coffee this morning. So I'm going to go at a million miles thousand hours so you just stop me at any point where you feel like he doug can you just slow down a little bit. Because I'm not quite with you right now. I got so. I got so excited as I started doing doing some research about you best publishing and sent you over to me as a guest a potential and Of course I welcome you immediately once I saw that. Not only were you a podcast host. I but you have live events you live not too far from me and And all of and not only that but you have a great book too but all of these things it's like. Can you be creative creative. And can you be right. Brain actually still make money. So can I ask you that question right out of the gate before even. Tell me your background sure. Well actually. I'm on a mission one of redefining that so a lot of us think that you either left brain right brain but the research is showing your both brings creativity actually happens in both hemispheres. And it's not really a the artistic Over here in the logical parts over on this side even though like math in reading do probably happen on one side but the creativity part not necessarily the artistic did creativity part innovation producing new ideas happens in both sides. So I'm really trying to clear up that misconception that you may be a bit more artistic but you're actually whole brain. Innovative thinkers we all are. Well I I do I do have Let's say fast lane thoughts of wow wouldn't it be great and I try to keep everything in a budget. That's definitely my left brain coming even through because I know that because I tend to gravitate more towards creative and big picture thinking and I taught and I think in pictures. I don't think in words you know I. I know that my girlfriend commonly says to me things like you know. Do you remember exactly what I said or do you remember what they said. And I said I don't remember what they said but remember the feeling gave me you know it's like okay. That's totally like a right brained or that's more of the creative world. But I understand that I have that not issue but I had those characteristics so I have the kind of push myself into that left rain thinking. Let's call it of I got him. I got to create a budget. I have to create a task list. If I don't do that. I'm not going to be any good. So maybe share a little bit of your background to to talk to our community about what you've gone through to understand and really just a basically really capitalize on the concept of while creatives can actually make money sure. I am an educator by trade have my degree in psychology from Ucla Masters Ashes of education from seaside Kost Northridge in southern California and Certification and financial coaching. So I just and I taught you the Elementary School and music artistic pro program and I also taught at seaside at the lecture of how to integrate creative arts so a lot of different kind of being smushed together gave me great foundation to to do what I'm doing now basically And light like a lot of your your guest. I got got hit with the whole student. Loan wave of like what happened happened and as a thirty year old I found myself one hundred thousand dollars worth of debt on a teacher salary three and not knowing what went wrong I got my education. I played by the rules but yet I was still financially inept and just struggling. So that was the impetus of what what you see today. And from debt to destiny. What is the book that I wrote? So when did you realize that not only was this Something that you had as your I guess as your I don't WanNa say it's a curse at all but you know getting into one hundred thousand dollars. A desert certainly is never an easy for position for anybody to ever feel like they can climb out of so. When was it that you realized or maybe it was on the other side that after you got through it you realize that? Hey I actually have a skill here or a gift in helping other people people do what I've just done which is just kind of rise up out of the out of the the weight of all of this debt. Sure I realized what my my my tat tagline is your creative health affects your financial wells and I got the intuition in a hot moment that way first of all. I'm lacking financial literacy. So that had to be. I had to fix that right away. And that's just you know. Learning how finances work money. How credit cards work? How interesting work for you or against you so once I I got that down I started to look within me and I call them now? I have this program called The destiny Diane Diamond and just how I had these diamonds of creative gifts inside of me that I can actually refrain. Look at differently and they can turn into revenues of income so I really just just took inventory of my strengths. You know. I'm a good educator. As I looked at tutoring I love photography I love storytelling through video and pictures. So instead of me just doing that for fun. I started to get odd jobs and brought in more income that that way I did know I two right so I just started writing and then I got a just out of nowhere. Just a book deal came in so that brought in extra money and I just really just you see how reframed the things that I love to do and they ended up bringing in ended up being multiple streams of income. So that's what I do now. I teach the youth and adults. Thanks to take a look at their strings. Things that you may think you you know like Oh. I'm a good listener. Oh you know I take action very well. Those those could be looked at as people will pay you money to either teach them hot them how to do that or to capitalize on you doing it wealth or them in their areas of I need

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