The Attempted Murder of 'Selena'


The mid two thousand I was a bartender at a pretty sleazy Gentlemen's Club in Northern Kentucky. Hell Yeah you are. Can you smell well. It can help menthol cigarettes in the air right across from the river right across the river from Cincinnati. Money was great. I was in my twenty s and I've many crazy stories to share. Here's one Elia. Most of the dancers used cabs to get to and from work. This was in the ages before Uber. At the end of the night some cabs would be lined up out front waiting leading for the ladies to get off work a young lady in her mid twenties. We'll call her SELENA. I don't know her real name. got into one of the cabs to head home for the night just like she did every the other night. This night was extremely cold even for Midwest Standards Snow and ice on the ground negative temps freezing during the ride. The driver pulled off the road to quote go a different way to avoid bad roads. He then pulled over and attacked her. He'd beat her sexually assaulted her slit her throat with a screwdriver and dumped her on the side of a rural Rome guy. This bad ass woke up in a ditch and crawled to a house about half a mile away I want to get home. Holy Shit thankfully at four. Am some kind person answered the door and called nine one one. The doctor said the bitter cold saved her life because she was lying being knocked out in that snowy ditch the blood and the wound froze saving her from bleeding to death. Oh my God. They did catch the driver and he went to prison for rape and attempted murder her it turns out he was a convicted rapist. WHO had only been out of prison for a year? Holy like wherever you are Selena. I hope you're living your best life. Wow Aw no-name chill is not

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