Some 2020 Oscars Fashion Faves


What you missed today. In the world of Celebrity News Oscar's edition low woah eight. We're GONNA get to the awards show and we're going to get to the after parties but first we have to talk about is a fast Sean. Okay we got to kick things off talking about fashion through a lot of great looks this year. I think I watched so many of those dumb slow motion like he news fashion camera things. I think now everything I look at is in slow motion. My eyes broke watching. So many of those stylized Slo mo videos or whatever anyway as far as getting ready moments I loved Zach braff posting pictures of his girlfriend Florence. PUGH getting ready. He had some like cute block and white right shots of her like with her dress on and getting ready at his house. I'm assuming she doesn't have her own house in la yet because she's she's new anyway. Did notice this in Zach Braff instagram story. In addition to posting pictures of his girlfriend Florence. PUGH getting ready. He also posted a picture of a mirror with like a cute little a post. It note reminder on it at said take your tickets. Like as if he's trying to remind foreign spewed not forget her tickets to the Oscars anyway. It seems cute normal but then I looked closer at the shot and he has used three different. Post it notes to post this message on a mirror. It's like the worst to nonsensical usage of post. It notes I've ever seen it's like he's using to post it notes in lieu of like tape. I guess but it just it looks bonkers. I highly recommend you go check out the photo of it. I'M GONNA put it on her social media accounts so you can see anyway so I guess she remembered you bring your tickets because she did show up Florence pugh or a great dress was like green and had all these tiers layers to it. It was spaghetti strap at had a little title bout. I loved it other fashion that I really liked Natalie. Portman war a Dior Cape that had embroidered on it all the names of the female female directors who were not nominated which I thought was kind of a cool statement spike Lee were a purple and yellow suit with the numbers. Twenty four stitched on the front and back in honor of the late Kobe. Bryant Kristen Wig wore this big red dress that made her kind of look like a delicious piece of lasagna. Like go all your red hot piece of uncooked LASAGNA. Pasta it was it was great. I loved it. Geno Monet had a good look. She were this like metallic hooded dress. US that I really liked. I love an actresses like bring kind of a met gala fashion vibe to the red carpet like they go over the top. I think that's fine like if if you're GONNA be famous and go to the Oscars like why not have some fun with it. You know like why. Why just look like hot and glamorous when you could look like hot hot glamorous and absolutely crazy speaking of like big fashion moments? I also loved Sandra. Oh's dress you had this giant and philosophy glittery like dusty rose gown. It was awesome in it was it just. I like when a gown takes up a lot of space in and Sandra. Oh she took up a lot of space in to me. That's fashion. Is it weird. That my favorite look of the night might have been from the child actress. Sophia Ed butters. Who played the little girl in once upon a time in Hollywood? I know it's weird. I don't like love that my favorite look was worn by a child child star. But it's true. I don't know what that says about my fashion taste but I thought she looked great. She had this like all pink. High Collar are button up. But like Poofy pantsuit thing. It's honestly so cute and chic. It's very age appropriate too. I liked and it. It's it's like a fairytale princess who is going to work as an accountant or something. It's a great is a great vibe amend to

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