A CAmpaign To End The Celebration Of New Years


Welcome to the promised by gas. Brought to you on T. l. v. one the voice of the city whose worthies and Burgers in the nineteen thirties launched a campaign against the celebration of New Year's which in mandatory Palestine as in Modern Day Israel was known as Sylvester the name borrowed from Pope Sylvester the first thirty third pope of the Catholic Church who was buried and in the catacombs of Priscilla in Rome on December thirty first and who was beatified on December thirty first date became known as Saint Sylvester's Day or the Feast of Saint Sylvester which feasts came to stand for the reveries of the night dividing the last day of the year from the first day of the New Year in Israel as in Austria Italy Lee Bosnia Germany Slovenia Slovakia Switzerland Luxembourg left in China Poland and the Czech Republic France Croatia and probably elsewhere as well now on December remember twenty seven thousand nine hundred eighty four for instance. The paper hired-in reported that the city had been plastered with posters quote sponsored by the rabbinate and the the Hebrew community calling for residents not to celebrate this holiday Silvester as it is foreign to the spirit of Judaism they ask the owners of houses of pleasure and cafes not to rent their rooms for these purposes and quote Davar reported in the same year that deputy mayor Easter Iraq who fifteen years later would ascend to to mayor addressed the city council about quote the question of the holiday of Sylvester that is setting down roots in Tel Aviv. FEE proposal of Mr Rocca was accepted saying at the city council of Tel Aviv sees in the foreign custom of Sylvester celebrations a definitely unwanted thing which is in opposition to the spirit and traditions of the people title of Israel and asks all cafe owners and owners of large halls in the city not to organize Sylvester parties. A committee was chosen to speak with cafe owners owners etc about this matter and quote a year later in nineteen thirty five the municipality itself published this notice quote the city sees itself as obligated to remind owners of cafes and restaurants this year once again of the need to refrain from having public celebrations in honor of Sylvester Eve. This custom to celebrate the holiday of Sylvester believe in public Jewish circles in the Hebrew city harms the national lifestyle that is taking form in the land of our forefathers. This claim is aimed also at the General Oh public some of whom admittedly only a few make a practice of celebrating this holiday with debauchery and loud social parties obviously the municipality and the the citizens of the city will treat with respect anything undertaken and done in honor of this day by those residents of the city and their guests who are not Jewish for this is their holiday and quote in a year after that in one thousand nine thirty six of our reported after the fact that quote several cafes such as the Lawrence and Savoy had special holiday programs in Tel Aviv. There there were many private Sylvester parties mostly from the circles of immigrants from Germany until morning. There was much car traffic and many walking on foot. One of these people who return to his home home after midnight under the influence of alcohol startled the volunteer firefighters with a false report of a fire end quote in nineteen thirty nine. The paper beaucaire made its feelings things about known with a one line article with a banner headline on page three the article in its entirety. Read quote on Silvester Eve. Eleven people committed suicide in new. You Work and quote in one thousand nine forty. The religious paper hot so fat reported this quote I witnesses say that a man of Israel at midnight in Tel Aviv especially in the North would forget that he lives in his own nation and land semester celebrations were celebrated in several coffee houses Jewish houses in the Hebrew city and whomever was indies coffee houses which elevated the celebration to the top of the top and drinking and debauchery would forget that we live in times of emergency. The New Year by the general accounting is not for us. It's the Jews. But it is a New Year for trade and bills and money's silvester celebrations are not Jewish celebrations in the land of Israel. Especially and only those who became habituated to these celebrations collaborations in foreign lands the lands of assimilation fail to Wean themselves of this habit. Even after they pass through all the circles of hell they returned to their iniquity in the land of Israel Israel. These are just one chapter of the spiritual and moral decline that is evident in our public life especially in the first Hebrew city the glorious tel.. Ah Vive end quote now to celebrate. Silvester Twenty twenty in the glorious Tel Aviv. There were hundreds of events for instance one could welcome the New Year with the Abba Tribute Band Carney or or go to Cooley Alma for their annual gala. Three for one Christmas New Years Novi Bash the bootleg was hosting a centers party quote unquote the hostile hosted hip hop new year's breakfast on Rothschild had funke Meli and these were just a fraction of what was on offer so grand was the celebration that the municipality itself posted this on facebook from the legendary Tel Aviv. EDM Club the block quote mayor e high. I don't feel so good. I won't be coming into work tomorrow and quote quote this post from Iraq Tel Aviv Tel Aviv municipality itself. Yes there was the battery in the city. All right one could pretty much find any form of depravity ones. Momma might have worn one against save perhaps for the badgering bullying browbeating of the burgers. About how you really shouldn't go to a drag show on New Year's in the first Hebrew city in the Jewish state and arguing nothing captures the spirit of the city. Well Tel Aviv. Dafa better than a tradition reaching back. Almost ninety years of offsetting the ideological severity doctrinaire rectitude a to enforce the citizen of the hidden who ain't kidding of joyless Orthodox Zionism and greeting each new year. Hal each new day with playful exuberance heterodox selective Goya's and lots and lots of alcohol and seeing the first Hebrew city is a place not just for spiritual fulfillment but also for fun fun fun and more heretical. Still Bill Finding spiritual fulfillment in fun. Fun Fun with us. In the studio is the woman who's lovely prose is like a killer party and everyone's invited I speak of course of Alison gap and Summer Alison for Politico Than Republic foreign policy the Jerusalem posted. Jt the Ford and many other of your very best papers magazine is a columnist for Arts. You heard on. NPR PRI where I and the BBC and you've seen her on twenty four television and Al Jazeera TV and other places as well. She holds a World Centre Award for Journalism Recognizing Excellence and Diaspora reported anytime and rock our award for excellence and covering Zionism Eliane Israel. I was how was your Silvester. Oh very boring. I'm not a big New Year's eve person but it always takes me back to. When I first arrived in Israel in the nineteen eighteen eighty s and like most Americans had never heard of Saint Sylvester or New Year's Eve being referred to as Sylvester so when people started talking about Sylvester? What was the only Sylvester? I was familiar lady Birds Sylvester the cat. tweet neighbors I was like what are they crazy about the cartoons. I it took me a while to like and still now when I hear about Sylvester immediately that like cat face POPs. What's up in front of me? I thought I thought also in the studio with us as a man who is exhibit a rather than spiritual and moral decline in the city seems to be gaining in spiritual and moral seriousness through the generations. I speak of course of Os Zelter Zubeida Zelter writes and reviews books for arts including waiting just a week ago in the past he hosted a weekly show on TV on arts and culture in Israel and he is a political activist of passionate power charm and charisma insight and intelligence Ohad. Oh how is your Silvester. I was dancing on a wooden bar dancing on the bar. Because somebody in this room should have had a proper nears eve right now that's Great throughout my neck from dancing so hard I think that means that I partied as much as I could dance on your neck. No is is now painful because identity on my feet that that is a badge of honor. Yes angry my name is Owen. I don't meet the boasts upgraded the operating system on my phone last week and ever since I've been receiving hectoring messages about how I don't sleep enough and maybe it's time for me to go to sleep right now and how. I listened to an awful lot of podcast and oh I listen to my music. Too loud ended ended. I know that long term exposure to loud noise can be damaging to my hearing. And I really don't WanNa Brag about how I have maintained my youthful lifestyle

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