U.S. House to send Trump impeachment articles to Senate


Let's get to impeachment we finally have some updates Fauria and I didn't leave the show with this today well number one because I want to make fun of the Democrats during the debate last night and all the craziness that went on there and then we had local issues because the legislative session is officially under way there a lot of issues that are being debated in Tallahassee that will actually impact your lives here in the state of Florida so we wanted to get some of those and of course during the course of the Senate trial we're gonna spend plenty of time on all of this but I do want to update you on where things stand today speaker Pelosi signed a house resolution to transmit the two articles of impeachment against president trump over to the Senate that followed the house approving resolution today appointing house managers for the impeachment trial representative Collin Peterson Democrat from Minnesota was the only Democrat to vote against the resolution the vote triggered the start of the Senate trial which has been delayed for nearly a month after the house approved two articles of impeachment against president trump one for abuse of power in the other for obstruction of Congress polo C. named seven house managers house intelligence chairman Adam Schiff house judiciary chairman Jerry Nadler representative Val Deming's from here in Florida Democrat from the Orlando area representative came Jeffries representative Zoe Lofgren representative Jason crow and representative Sylvia Garcia I know hello see couldn't do this she had to include chef and Nadler among the house managers but it would have been much better if she didn't because they're just viewed in such a partisan light and you've got talented people bound Deming's she's gonna be good she's the former police chief of Orlando and she uses out during the hearing as well she did so you've got talented people that you could have handled this you don't need shift or Nadler because nobody's really gonna pay much attention to what they say there's just a view bait in about those two I can see where the mines take a step back from being doing the actual trial and maybe there is yeah behind the scenes manager that's how it should be I don't know you think shift is gonna take a step back from the cameras are now learn mom the with all the incoming that chef and never took from the president maybe plus he said like and I'll let you go over there behind a smart move I don't know if that's what's going to happen but still Lofgren she's been this is our third impeachment trial yeah you were mentioning this earlier she was a staffer during the Nixon Nixon and the run up to the Nixon impeachment was actually in peace okay and then she was in Congress on the house side when Clinton was impeached now she's one of the truck the the managers of the impeachment I'm sorry if you've been around for three if you were a staffer during Nixon you really still need to be in Washington DC well I think it goes to the depth chart the dancing clothes he was well yeah yes yes yes I'm looking at a trial of it you know fantasies over here yeah that's how I'm viewing rice really she was there for Nixon to still there but now that that makes total sense to have somebody like that we I kinda knowledge and experience on your house manager staff list in terms of what's next there's gonna be a few days a housekeeping and procedural work Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is expected to hold the substantive part of the trial opening arguments in the queue in a period it's gonna hold that until Tuesday in order to give house managers and trump's defense team a couple of days to prepare on Tuesday the Senate is expected to vote on an organizing resolution the will lay out the terms for the trial it seems like they're going to model it very closely to what happened in the Clinton impeachment they always need a live witness issue yes which if they get the for Republicans across over right right then we'll see what happens then and also the the new reporting today is and how will the Democrats agree to a **** for tat as far as witnesses of they get right hold on yeah well they allow hunter Biden especially if they think under by it has nothing to hide you know we'll see how that plays out and let me get to that aspect several key Senate Republicans are insisting there be specific language in shoring of votes on whether to call witnesses and request documents not that witnesses and documents are allowed but just that there's a vote right on it aides to some vulnerable senators and moderate states including senator Susan Collins have said this language is crucial we know Susan Collins probably once witnesses and it sounds like Mitt Romney once that as well I've heard Lamar Alexander Makowski is always one to watch the numbers are close a democratic leadership aide told Axios that they will force votes on subpoenaing key witnesses such as trump's former national security adviser John Bolton acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney Mulvaney senior adviser Robert Blair and top White House budget official Michael Duffy as well as relevant documents at the very least that will for some vulnerable Senate Republicans to cast tough votes lot of politics being played on both sides as to be expected some important numbers to remember Republicans would need fifty one votes to dismiss the case out right that's not gonna happen there's no way you're gonna have vulnerable Republicans like a Susan Collins vote to dismiss the case will not happen Democrats would need fifty one votes to call witnesses that's possible Republicans currently hold a fifty three forty seven majority in the Senate so Democrats would need for Republicans come over to their side to make the numbers work I think they think they have the votes I think they probably have the votes to at the very least John Paul at the very least I think you're gonna want to he he you're gonna have some Republicans are gonna want to hear from the former national security adviser one important note about today's resolution it gives managers authority to submit additional evidence that the Senate that's key because last night impeachment investigators at the house Judiciary Committee new evidence obtained from left partis Giuliani associate indicted by the Southern District of New York harness is gonna appear with Rachel Maddow Alan M. S. N. B. C. in a little bit and he basically says everything he did some of which was not good he did at the direction of the president Rudy Giuliani that's what he's gonna say tonight's in there there's a lot to one pack based on some of what we've learned about partners over the past couple of days so they're certainly going to be a back and forth and debate over what needs to be explored during the course of the Senate trial on the controversial decision by pelo C. to hold the impeachment articles for three weeks this is what she said on ABC's this week this past Sunday she said the tactic has produced a very positive results she said quote we feel that is produced a very positive result in terms of additional emails an unredacted information that's come forward Bolton has said he will testify if subpoenaed by the Senate I don't think the delay matters all that much in the big scheme of things you had much McConnell who held his ground he was not gonna be bullied by Nancy Pelosi should just didn't have the leverage some new information did come out including reselling the past couple of days although look this stuff it's not going to change the outcome of the trial the only thing that can really make this difficult for Republicans would be of John Bolton testified and have really really damaging information it also have John Bolton testify and he puts forth information favorable to the president and then it's a no brainer we don't know how that's going to go I think Bolton's announcement that he was willing to testify was the most important development that took place during the three weeks the pelo C. held the articles of impeachment what I go back to is the house were rushing through the impeachment process that was a mistake because now they have to push the Senate to do what they should have done I thought they went too fast if this was such a serious matter then you take your time and you do a thorough complete process instead they rushed through the articles of impeachment and then they kind of had to wait to see if more information will come out and then they learn one of the people they should of try to issue a subpoena for John Bolton he was maybe interested now in talking to the Senate it's it's just a mess and plus on top of this all it puts Senate Democrats running for president Elizabeth Warren Bernie Sanders in closure but some of the top spot she delayed this whole thing policy for three weeks and now at a crucial time for them right before the Iowa caucuses they're gonna be caught up in the Senate trial that's really at the end of the day that's where the biggest impact is the biggest impact is on the democratic primary and how it's gonna fact Iowa if I were those Senate Democrats I would not be thrilled with Nancy Pelosi at the moment your thoughts on the whole I hate you up to this point I have to disagree one thing is this notion that the investigation

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