Weekly Wrap: A Look Back At 2019 In Democracy, Protests And Business - burst 1


This is right. This is Mariah Carey Christmas classic. All I want for Christmas. Is You fun. Fact Ron and Lulu this week for the first time in twenty five years it hit number one on the billboard hot one hundred chart explicit sprays you know. There's there's a movie that that figures in love actually would greatly controversial movie. Some people love it. Some people hate. Oh yes then hold up well so in the last several years right Kerry has become an Internet name Queen and her team has alarmed onto that and every year. They've they've gotten bigger and bigger with their social media kind of outreach for this song so two years ago it hit number seven Lascher number three and this year they went all. They made a new video for this song. Put a new album out with the song just to bump it up those charts and it worked really happy for Mariah. I am T- he mariah one hundred percent and I'm super happy that this happened. I love it you know. It's funny I was thinking about how this twenty

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