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The redskins officially named Ron Rivera their new head coach yesterday. Washington Fire Jay Gruden on route. Two a three and thirteen season the Redskins have not won a playoff game since two thousand five. That was when Joe Gibbs was their head coach Washington looking for some of the stability ability that Rivera brought to Carolina. The Panthers never won a title. They did reach the playoffs. Four Times under coach Rivera including a super bowl trip in two thousand fifteen. The redskins last made the Super Bowl in nineteen ninety-one and in a matter of moments the redskins will introduce Ron Rivera as the new head coach. You can see see. They are getting ready now in the nation's capital and as we wait for coach Rivera. I'll ask you this. What do you want to hear this afternoon? I think from Ron Rivera. I I just want to hear why he was attracted active to this job. Several Head coaching vacancies out there. And and why he took this job and and presumably so quickly when there could be potential other openings out there even in Dallas as we wait for that one and then secondly I wanna hear his evaluation or just thoughts overall Dwayne Haskins in what he might be thinking with regards to the offensive coordinator position. Since we're thinking that he's going to interview the current Guy There Kevin O'CONNELL and and You know what he might be looking being out of the coach from nap position. If he doesn't go with the guy who's currently their jobs I think the the the maturation process of dwayne Hassans is important for this football team. And I think that's the number one issue for Ron Rivera. Moving forward is how do I get my quarterback if he feels doing Haskins is indeed his quarterback How do I get my Guy Ready? Ready available with the right mindset because we do understand doing hasn't silly young player. So how do I get them in the right mindset to be successful in this football league and I'm a little sour about this. I'm a huge huge Ron. Rivera Fan. I sat with them while I was out. During my tenure with the giants was over and I was going to different Teams and sitting down with their coaches. He was the one that struck me. The most is just is a straight shooter. Honest about what. He does with his with his teammates. Everybody loves them. Teammates loving other coaches love. Him and I think he's walking to the podium right now. We'll take Noon I happy Thanksgiving everybody. Today's the beginning of a great new year for the Redskins Organization and its fans I I'd like to thank Bill Callahan. Those here five years did a great job for us a great guy and we really appreciate him with the Redskins have needed is a cultural change. Someone that can bring a winning cultural to organization at starts and ends with our head coach when looking for that man. I looked for a class. Act That's how you describe coach Rivera. He was two time coach of the year. And for those of you. That don't understand. That's very very hard to do. You should google that Because it's impressive oppressive He was fifteen to one which is extremely hard to do Did my research spend a lot of time talking a lot. Allow People A lot of coaches and one thing that came across certain words and these words. We're integrity honesty. Knowledge Grit determination. It's all about winning. Ron Rivera knows how to win as a player player as a coach as a new head coach of the Redskins. One thing. That's very very important. We're GONNA have one voice and only one voice alone and that's the coaches like to welcome. Ron's wife Stephanie. We've gotten over the last few weeks and our new head coach of the Washington redskins coach Ron Rivera. Thank you you know with about thirty days ago that your team. This team got me unemployed. So just so you know. We're good now thank thank you. It's an honor serve as a coach in the NFL. It really truly is their only thirty. Two of us at anyone given time and these jobs are scarce this one the Washington the redskins. This one is special. This is one of the almost original teams started in nineteen thirty two. There's a Lotta history behind football team in order for us to get back to where we WANNA be. We've got a study that history embrace it history and prepared a repeat that history because if not we're doomed to repeat the most recent history. We're not gonNA do that guys. We really aren't everything we do is going to be about winning. Okay we'll do things the right way and that's the only way we're going to do them because if it doesn't help us we're not doing it man that's just as simple as it gets. So why did I choose the REDSKINS. Probably the question. I know a lot of you guys are wondering that right now with everything. That's out there. I can tell you right now. All this talk about the money I want the money I'd still be out there trying to pick a couple teams against each other. I took this job for one. Simple reason one simple reason because because Dan Snyder came to me with a very interesting perspective for weeks he's explored the reasons why some teams win and some teams. Don't he told me. The common. In fact that transitional success of teams like the Patriots the Seahawks and the chiefs. Some of the other ones was that decision to take it and make a coach centered approach each not an owner centered approach or a team president or GM. Coach centered approach. I told Mr Snider that I appreciate the fact that he believes the head coach matters but I would be honored but under one condition it had to be a player centered culture a player center culture. Something I truly do believe in my responsibility to get the most out of the players to work with them teach them mentor them. Five five to one by one. I most certainly. We'll do it. I've done in the past and I'll do it again. I'll do what I can't help. These young men become not just the players we want but the men in the community we need. These are the guys that can help change things not just on the football field but in this world I really do believe that I was fortunate enough to have that in Carolina and I hope I'm a work to have it here. In Washington. Things will begin with one. Simple principle off discipline. I come from a military family. We're disciplined it isn't taught it's live. It's expected from day they won. I have a philosophy every player every coach everyone who works for this organization. They'll know what day one you're not gonNA play for this team. You're not gonNA work visist team if you don't have the discipline to give us everything. You have no exceptions no excuses. That simple guys. We have to hold each other accountable. That's something that we most certainly will do. We'll expect most from each other whether I was in Chicago Carolina with our very best when the players knew. Do the coaches had their backs. And this is the thing I'm going to ask from the players. Do it the way we teach you do it the way we ask you do it that way. The success will be yours. Okay you do it that way accessible be yours if you don't excess is going to be yours but it's not gonNA be right. Why because if you fail it's on you do it our way do it the right way and if we fail it's on me okay? It'll be on me. The head coach at simple. I truly believe that I ask of. You doesn't work I'm to blame. I told Mr Snider. I wanted to assemble coaching staff. That was truly dedicated. The players and teachers and teachers. Okay I don't have to have a great big names would have to have is great teachers. We want to teach these guys how to play football to the best of their abilities to the best of our abilities and also it'd be good quality young men off the field. I want players tough. Hungry will do whatever it takes to play redskin football fall in January and hopefully into February. I told him I wanted to work. Hand in hand with the head of player personnel could spot potential and others that even. I didn't see another didn't see. That's going to be important because it has to be a collaboration no matter who it is no matter. WHO's working with us? It has

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