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Celebrity Donnie Wahlberg starts 2020 by leaving $2020 tip for IHOP server


But we are leaving big tips if we're celebrities and we want to celebrate twenty twenty Donnie Wahlberg left a two thousand twenty dollar tip and I hop to celebrate the new year okay can I just did he like film this experience or he's just telling us about it because there's just something that seems incredibly crass about that even though I'm sure the person who got the twenty twenty was very happy actually we heard it from Jenny McCarthy sheep said Donnie Wahlberg starting twenty twenty off like the amazing man he is she wrote on Twitter along with a photo of their credit card receipt which included his hand written thanks Bethany twenty twenty tip challenge and happy new year it's a generous tipping trend that started in Michigan when a server at Thunder Bay river restaurant received I was like this is like a thing it's a thing it was started by a non celebrity and now Donnie Wahlberg psych I will take that challenge that is awesome there's nothing that I can say about that that is just incredible the girl cried she was overjoyed for her I'm sure she's absolutely happy there's just something I don't know self serving about it like your wife is the one that's like telling the world about your good deed well you think that they probably should just kept it private I wanted to pass it around her own social media she should have I would for sure they can write that off now because they used it for their job there we go ahead and talked about it I thought I was the most cynical person thankfully and he came to the

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Celebrity Donnie Wahlberg starts 2020 by leaving $2020 tip for IHOP server

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