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Ep. 35: On Hunting Grizzlies, Spearfishing in Mexico, Ticks, and How to Protect The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness


For Meters World News headquarters in Bozeman Montana. This kells weaken review with Ryan Cow Kellyanne. Now here's cal. Hey here's this question for you. Would hunting grizzly bears reduce grizzly human conflict. Of course would I want to say meters own. Patrick Trick Durkan tackled this complicated question at the meteor dot com. I for one would love to have the ability to apply for tags to hunt a well-managed population appellation of Grizzlies. Here in my home state of Montana I've grown up with the girls I've watched their populations grow and have had many interactions with them. I've listened to stories from the outfitters I worked for. Who guided some of the very last hunts due to the fact that we haven't been able to hunt animals since the early seventies and their numbers? Damn them were at an all time. Low we're now covering new ground in Grizzly management anecdotal evidence of which I and seemingly. Everyone else has loads of just doesn't cut it. The focus of this question is problem. Bears the bears that caused conflict conflict. Can Range from trash can destruction the maulings aggressive aggressive behavior to domestic livestock. Death Studies have shown that reducing bear densities in areas with high conflict does lead to less conflict. Because there's unless bears but it won't be likely that hunters will focus on areas. Where much of this conflict occurs think about hunting potentially thousand pound unbear- in the urban interface? That place I always speak of where wildlife corridors urban sprawl meets isn't lately or safe catching a problem bear in the the active harassing cattle. For instance isn't likely meaning that if hunting Grizzly we're legal the hunters with tags in their pockets won't be targeting. The bears causing conflict flicked probably won't be hunting in those areas. The grizzly is an Apex Predator. The bear at the top of the food chain. I have hunted grizzlies in areas where it is legal to hunt thumb and has been legal since long before I was alive and I've had very different experiences one area in Alaska seemingly any grizzly ran into. WanNa no no part of human activity another area. It seemed like every barry ran across wanted a size. You up and see if you were edible so that little bit of Anecdotal Dodo. Evidence doesn't necessarily say bears are automatically going to be scared of one hundred one question I have if hunters won't be taking on problem. Bears is when you consider consider bears have territories. Is it possible that removing bears through hunting and backcountry situations assuming these are non problem bears where they are less likely to come into contact packed with humans would removing those bears allow some of these problem bears to occupy that territory create a void in which a front country conflict bear could become backcountry. non-conflict bear I doubt but maybe it would prevent a bear from reaching those.

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Ep. 35: On Hunting Grizzlies, Spearfishing in Mexico, Ticks, and How to Protect The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness

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